If you like! it's okay! although for others, it is not


Being yourself in this world where everyone tries to manage your life, so that you are what they want, is an achievement to consider, it is one of the greatest.


A couple of days ago, I went to a cousin's house, she has a 9-year-old boy, his grandmothers had prepared some arepas with black beans, the boy asked for mayonnaise to put on his food, but my cousin forbade him saying ¨ You are crazy! mayonnaise with beans, you don't eat beans like that, that's not right. The child was a little sad or frustrated rather, he could not contradict his mother.


It is difficult when we have to choose between what we want and what society says is fine. Sometimes we have to obey others, as if we were a simple puppet, other times we behave ourselves, like my cousin, we know that mayonnaise may not be to a normal liking and we prohibit something without thinking if the other person likes it. like. Simply because, it is not right !!!

A few days ago I told a friend that I wanted to dye my hair white, I am 32 years old and I have never done something strong chemical in my hair, for my friend it was crazy, and she told me that it was not right because I was I was going to fall and that color would look ridiculous, but I don't understand why give an opinion if I didn't ask for it and it doesn't seem ridiculous to me.
In reality there are many things that are not right in the eyes of many, but if it is to your liking, it does not have to be discussed.

It is not good to eat bread, but if you do not eat it it is not good either, It is not good that it dyes my hair, but if I do not do it they will also criticize me for having my hair unkempt and my appearance without fixing, that the method is not right that some use to whiten teeth, but it is not good to go through life with yellow teeth, It is not good to argue with older people, but it is not good to see what you think and feel, It is not good not to get married and walk around the Life at a certain age as if you were a teenager, but it is not okay to get married just to please others, not to mention everything that is not right according to society within a marriage, but if it makes them happy as a couple, I do not understand why he interferes, giving the rules of what is or is not right.

When I hear so many criticisms and repeatedly this phrase of "not right" makes me think that they have taught us that someone is always right and that our own thoughts make no sense, because we must be managed by someone else, instead of discover the errors ourselves and change if necessary.

It is true that there are extremes and limits that we must not exceed, because there are many times that the phrase * is not right *, they allow not to violate human rights, rules or commandments that are important, but everyone is aware and responsible for what they do .

What I really want to imply is something more personal, it is about teaching our children to make decisions, according to what makes them feel better, as long as we see that it is not a danger to them, if the child is my cousin. He wanted to put mayonnaise on it, it was his taste and for me he had to let it be him and that's it.
I have 3 and each one of them is different and there are foods that I don't like, but they do, for example ... I like avocado, but they eat it with salt and I don't like that at all, it seems strange to me, but that's not why I tell them not to do it.

It is important that each one feels good and reflects on their own if what they are doing is right or not, everyone has their own rules of life, knows what they want and how far they can go, it is good to want to be happy and to wish others Other happiness, it is okay to accept what is right for others, even if it is not for us.

Everything that others do and think that it is good must be respected, it is not that you accept it for yourself, it is that you respect that each one has their way of being and decide their path, we cannot go around criticizing everyone for what for us It's not okay, if a woman wants to have her breasts operated and you don't think she needs it, just let her be and that's it.
Who am I or you or nobody, to say what you have to do each one?

I am 32 years old and I still like to do my hair like a teenager and that does not make me immature, I like it and it is the important thing, I am happy, I am still a mother, a wife and a responsible woman.
I continue to raise my children with freedom to express themselves, in a few days the youngest will be on his birthday, he will be 8 years old and he does not want a party, he wants a few days of vacation at the beach and so it will be, I do not have to force him to participate in a party, If he does not want to, my family is not happy, because they believe that he should share with them like a normal child, but it is not his taste and the birthday boy is him, so we go on vacation to the beach for a few days and that will be his gift, why? should force him to be where he does not want.
It is not right, many people will say and it is not right for them, but I do not care, because no price is too high for the privilege of being "MYSELF"


It is good to be unique, to be a simple person, to be a different person, not to have fears or if you have them, it is okay to want to write in Pob whatever you want, It is okay to disconnect from the networks, it is okay to cry, it is okay to say that no, it's okay not to answer your cell phone if you want to, it's okay to ask for help if you need it, it's okay to follow your instincts, it's okay to say you're busy and right now you can't, it's okay to say you're sorry, it's okay that you don't like what others like, it's okay not to have a good day, it's okay to feel confused, it's okay not to know what to do at some point, it's okay to prefer to stay at home, it's okay to want to spend time alone, this It's okay to change your mind, it's okay to go to the psychologist, it's okay to not be good at something you've never done, it's okay to stay away from people who don't make you feel good.

Anyway, as long as you are well, everything is fine.

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