Plagiarism-flavored error / with bad tests


Happy weekend Gente de Pob, I thought today of a publication with anger, with many direct ones, but then I saw so many disagreements already shown in other accounts, that I simply prefer to clarify the detail of not placing a reference and this led me to realize that the judgments issued have a deficiency and they do not want to accept it.


Not without first thanking the POB platform (because not everything is bad) until today I had not had any complaints, everything seemed wonderful to me, even thanks to the dedication of the articles and the support of the community, I managed to fulfill my child his gift of making his birthday in the place he wanted and it was very special, I also took it as a little vacation, which was perfect to relax my mind.


But when I returned I found this problem.

They accused me of plagiarism, for the publication about the red planet, where, according to the plagiarism investigation group, I took the information from some pages which they put me in a comment.
I want to clarify the following, the article was made with a video from a channel called Top de Impacto, which has more than 1 million subscribers, my mistake here was not to place the source, since if phrases from that video were used, statistics given by him, I found the information interesting and of all my publications it has been the only one that I have taken sentences without saying that I saw or read it. If you took the time to review, you can realize that I always put ... "I saw this phrase that I liked" or any other that refers that it is not mine, so far we are clear?

As far as I know, no one here has a computer in their brain and gets their articles through a network that they have private in their head, everyone in one way or another acquires information from different places and relates it in their own way (even the prosecutors of the plagiarism) because now it turns out that they are the perfect ones.

They have a very large margin of error and exercise judgments without even having exact evidence to give correct details of the plagiarism because they insist that I copy it from pages that I don't even know, when I was clear when I told them to base myself on a video, that I even thought better upload it, but since I don't know how to do it yet, what I did was to summarize it and it was neither relevant, nor did it have a promotion, a couple of currencies that it had compared to previous articles, I invite you to see the content of that channel, They are very interesting (as long as you understand Spanish) And I also want you to know that in all countries there are people capable of providing important data and not only the countries that placed in the dicord as a discrimination against other nationalities, because I take the time to read all their messages, how they talk about all the authors, how they discriminate the work that many do with effort, all because they are not part of their selective link.

I would like to know ... Who is supervising you? Not really, I already remembered, they are the perfect and the most intelligent of proofofbrain.
If I plagiarized as they say with that publication ok, I will place each reference if it managed to reach the level they need to reposition an article. Now I want you to explain ... Why should my publication of conspiracy theories part 3 be reviewed? According to your comments in discord, it is because it is very long ... Does this mean that there is a limit to write? Could you tell me please? How outrageous to read, that just because it is extensive is plagiarism, I admire your way of passing judgment!

Anyway, whatever you say, whatever you do, you will always be right and will seek to unite to continue having it and I already understood that.

I think that to grow here, I must learn to write little, to write repetitive topics to receive good votes (although I have no complaints about the votes), I must learn to be basic in my articles to avoid conflicts since I am not from a country that consider you may have good information.
Definitely that the discord became the place where the authors fleece, in a fantastic way.

End of story and if you want to comment to give me the opposite and tell me to accept that they are right, do it with confidence, I know what they will say and all the criticism that will fall.
If you are happy with that, welcome to the comments, I have already made my discomfort with a poor system clear.



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