The global healthcare / monopoly business


The right to health and the purchase and distribution for public institutions are two highways that run in parallel, many years ago the right fell short of the medicine business, the crisis is simply due to the fact that the purchase of medicine constitutes one of the the largest expenses of each of the central governments, this after energy. The cost overruns on drugs for diseases like AIDS and hepatitis have made this a mess for humanity, profits have grown above life.


He watched a documentary where they showed how a monopoly with medicine was maintained in South Africa and elsewhere and this allowed him to charge over costs for each of the most important medicines for the population, in this case tuberculosis.

A while ago it was one of the most serious problems and with the fewest opportunities to get medication. Pfizer had one called linezolid which was a drug for the treatment of tuberculosis, it was around $ 95 per tablet, the population and some foundations had to make protests until they got permission to bring drugs from another country since pfizer had a fairly monopoly large in South Africa and it was inaccessible to get this type of medicine.


Nobel Prize winner Richard Roberts said
"We cannot think that companies are going to seek cures because this does not interest them"

German Velasquez, who worked 20 years at WHO, said
"Products that cure the patient, Kill the market the patient without cure, will be a permanent consumer to raise profits"

From here we can understand that for these large companies, health is not of great importance, although we can say that there are people who truly work as professionals, but are involved by those who only see money within a disease.
Curing diseases is not profitable for pharmaceutical companies.

Cancer business.
Unfortunately This is a business of millions and millions of profits for the owners of these laboratories, patients with this disease, have become the merchandise of drug traffickers, for years the oncological drug industry has presented a much higher increase of 60% that can get to be a little more than 132,000 million euros.

In one of the studies carried out, they indicate that from 247,000 patients registered in 2015, they would go to 315,000 in 2035, presenting a considerable increase of 30% as expected, we can also imagine how this will attract money to the pockets of the owners of these laboratories. .

Pandemic business.
It is said that more than 190,000 million dollars is the estimated market value of the profits of pharmaceutical companies and you still have the nerve to say no They have had any kind of gain from vaccines and they have done everything for humanity.


While we were kept confined by the pandemic, already the pharmaceutical companies saw that opportunity to grow their money and so did the speculators. Without talking about why this pandemic has its doubts as to whether it was actually created or not, although there were already certain signs that something was going to happen in the health environment but I will talk about this in another article. Because we must not forget that there are many people or groups that have benefited from this plan called coronavirus.

There are many who classify pharmaceutical companies as organized crime where they supposedly watch over your health, but we are all aware that there are drugs that can cause the death of some of the people, these companies are aware of what compounds have been wrong, But nothing happens because it is a mafia the industry cannot stop because Remember that economic interests weigh much more than humanity.

You are here, they are only to make money, with the vaccine we have already seen the practice of who pays more and who pays less, all of this depends on who has supported the pharmaceutical house the most financially. The investments are the ones that decide the price, it is a highly demanded product at this time, for example for the United States the Modern is cheaper, the opposite than for Europe and this is due to the fact that the United States government economically "supported" this pharmaceutical house.

Living became a disease
This business seeks to treat the sick and not the sick, so that the drugs become something like a candy and medicate for life. The main idea is that we all be patient, it is a highly lucrative business.

Nothing else in 1980 was introduced 265 categories diagnosed as mental illnesses And it is that through psychiatry a lot of drugs that are consumed daily are moved.
At that time or a little later, an experiment was carried out in which 3 healthy women and 8 men simulated suffering from hallucinations, 7 of these were admitted and diagnosed with serious conditions including schizophrenia, after being admitted the alleged patients reported that they were well and that it was a study, but despite this they were forced to spend months in detention and to take medication as this was not convenient for the health business.
Here we see how these mental illnesses are managed in favor of the industry, it is sad to think that many people are medicated only for the assumption of invented diseases.

This is about something like, selling the disease and then placing the remedy, we know that a range of new diseases will come. And this will allow these big pharma companies to develop new drugs to make them stubbornly marketed.

I read on the internet this writing that said

"If you can make the public think that the aches and pains in their life are easily solvable with a pill, then you will have a market phenomenon that will generate tens of millions of dollars every year"

This part is sad, how can it be that health has become a round business. At what moment did money take over the minds of a group that, without caring about anything, manipulates even the well-being of humanity.


Let's look at another clear example: in 1991 the FDA approved an antidepressant created by the giant Pfizer called lustral Also known as sertraline, pfizer knew that 75% of prescriptions for depression were prescribed during the first care, so they decided to fund it, To create a tool for clinicians to make it much easier to diagnose a person with depression, these patients are graded with a series of questions about how they felt in the past two weeks. If the score is high there is a greater chance of being prescribed with this drug. It is incredible, how a pharmaceutical company came to establish the criteria of knowing if a person is depressed and thus manufacture that drug to enrich itself.

The same happens with the not very new childhood disorder called ADHD, the truth is that I do not know whether to say that it really exists or is simply an overdiagnosis to be publicized on a large scale as it has been done until now, because I wonder. How is it that these types of disorders did not exist many years ago where children had the same concerns, behaviors, fears and others.
Even now, they have promoted that two-year-old children can be maniacal, insane and depressive and for this there is a large market for antipsychotic drugs, of course, now children become the merchandise to be created all kinds of medicine for the new disorders discovered.
Dr. Biederman, was in charge of these investigations and is the one who was in charge of many drug prescriptions that were highly powerful for young children, but here the most peculiar thing is that, he had a great financial backing from large pharmaceutical companies and accumulated millions dollars in consulting fees for pharmaceutical companies.


There is a study that indicates that in the United States alone there are approximately 10,000 children between the ages of two and three who are treated with stimulant drugs. In my opinion, this is simply a public health experiment and I cannot imagine the impact it will create in the long term, especially since these types of drugs used in these children are highly sought after today for young people who spend hours studying and You need better performance and not be tired there is a study that indicates that those who are now called Millennial, are the ones who use this drug the most to be able to feel or perform much more in their activity, so the effect they do is a bit contradictory in some young people and the effect that it supposedly generates in children who are within this treatment.

Personally, I took my 14-year-old daughter to psychology more or less at the age of 4, they treated her with a child psychiatrist who told me that she should be medicated, I did not think the idea that at such a young age he would give her medication because according to them they were necessary to stimulate their growth, I flatly refused and I do not regret it.

a beautiful 14-year-old daughter who, without being medicated during her childhood, managed to get by changing certain attitudes or behaviors she had and is extremely intelligent.

She knows cases of people who have felt good and then when they start certain treatments their health begins to deteriorate and they live slaves to daily medications.

Anyway, I don't know what your opinion is, but unfortunately for me, health is the biggest business, they are even within that pyramid that I showed them in the post on conspiracy theories part 2, these pharmaceutical houses are part of the transnational companies and they have a position In that pyramid, let us draw our own conclusions, each one who is the owner of their actions, the issue of the vaccine is something very controversial, many believe that if they can stop the virus, others have that feeling of doubt, since there is no precise explanation of what is happening. entering your body and there are also many theories of side effects coupled with deaths that have not been explained, so we must or not believe in these vaccines, the truth is I do not know but I prefer to continue in my position.

Looking at it from many points of view, there are millions of drugs that do not have a function, they only create a dependency which is for life and this will always work in favor of the pharmaceutical giants.

The third part of conspiracy theories I will be talking about AIDS this disease that has also been widely criticized and carries a theory that it was created and there is a cure, but generates so many millions of dollars that the true secret cannot be revealed, because it would be a loss millionaire for the pockets of those who enrich themselves with the pain of humanity.

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