Understanding the control of our facts


Unfortunately we are not born with a manual that tells us how to live in this world, for that reason we accumulate negative and positive experiences along the way.


But if there were that opportunity to have that manual, it would be so easy to cope with the things of life, to know that by growing in the womb, we are receiving a body and a conscience that will be asleep during the first months, we will need to awaken it as we grow. .

That we will have to attend a school called Life, on planet earth, each person and each event will represent your teacher.
That there will be no mistakes, rather we will call them life lessons, failure will be an integral part of success ... we can call the victims students and teachers, since both parties must learn.
The lessons will be repeated until the learning is achieved completely, if these lessons are not learned, they will increase in difficulty, until you manage to understand them and go to the next level.

External problems will become the exact reflection of your interior and this will help you understand that if you change your inner part, the outside world will also change for you.

We will learn that pain is a great signal from our body, indicating that some organ is not well.
We will know that we live in a diverse world and that the rejection of ourselves and others will be the basis of negative emotions that will destroy our body and mind.

You will understand that there is no better place than to be in your home, just that place is where you will take your first learnings.
You will know that those who follow you will not only be your reflection, but what you decided to learn and then teach.

We will love and hate what is there in others ...

We will know that life draws a frame, and each one is in charge of painting his picture individually, but if you do not take responsibility for your painting, others will paint it for you.
You should know that all our answers will be within us, all we need to do is look inside and trust.

Most likely, we do not know these instructions, but it would be something like that, like adapting to the place where we were placed and learning to cope with each part of our history, making our lives something like a book, writing each sentence and understanding that all the power is in ourselves.

After knowing each other so much, that moment will come when we will know that we have matured and that is where we will see some changes.


We will know how to say no, without feeling any guilt, for not pleasing others in everything.
You will become more open, to listen to other people and to understand the reasons for life.
You will learn not to force the relationships you have and just let them flow naturally.
You will respect the differences of others and love them as they are, as long as they are not above your well-being.

You will know that you have reached that state of maturity, when you learn not to speak behind anyone's back and face your opinion without hurting the feelings of others.
You stop judging for no reason.
You will be happy, even when you see yourself alone.

Sometimes you would rather keep quiet than get into a meaningless fight.

You will stop wondering why things always happen to you and you will begin to realize that the problem is always choosing the same path.

Emotions will go like a roller coaster and you will learn to live with that feeling.

Finally we will learn to stabilize our emotions, we will understand that we can handle that crisis of feelings, which are caused by some situation in life.
We will find hobbies that previously seemed a bit boring, such as going out and enjoying nature, listening to instrumental music, meditating and reading a good book or a good article.

The latter, caused me a good laugh a few days ago, I came across a short but funny article, I will share it with you.

1- You can't see your ears without a mirror.
2- You do not know how many hairs you have.
3- You cannot breathe through your nose with your tongue sticking out.
4- You just tried number 3
6- When you have tried the number 3, you have realized that it is possible, but I wanted you to look like a dog.
7-You are laughing right now.
8- You have skipped number 5 without realizing it.
9-you just looked to check.
10-have a happy day and don't forget to smile like you do now.

When we read something that is to be repeated or done, our brain automatically sends signals and inadvertently you start to act and forget the focus, but it was fun, at least for me when I was reading it.

Life unfortunately will not bring a manual, but we can consider each step in this world as a lesson and practice many of these things that I have left here.
Focus on being happy and not wasting time in bitterness and deprecation, we are the owners of our own history, we only know how to keep control of the paths taken.

Seeing failure as a life lesson is the best way to face realities and get ahead with a new beginning.

I say goodbye with this phrase that I really liked.

¨The pain passes, the sweat dries up and the fatigue ends. However, the satisfaction of having achieved everything you have proposed will never disappear ¨

Greetings and success

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