leo 100 powering up


Today leo 100 powering up


All the myanmar people of we are now deeply felt due to military coup which betray to our myanmar people instead of protect the responsibilities.
Now they are announced by CRPH ,that is the military coup is rebellion.
All of myanmar pdople really feeling with terrifying situations of their life.
Military coups are now very rough in controlling people.Some of them were thieve opening the things where placed at big stores big factories burning out that is the centre of township places.Instead of protecting people security is now happening rebellion to us every day from february 1 day.
I deeply demand to help our country to get democracy freedom.
Really,This post is not concerned on this platform to post but please ,Excuse me, forgive me , may I write it because I can not stop thinking to relax of my terrible feelings images.
Now I am trying to prepare for myanmar to fight.
And I staked my leo 100.


I collect leo 100 in duing nearly 3months only buy making with likes except my one post.
I remembered about 2000 of my leo coins staked on my account on december 2020.but the us prices in my wallet is about nearly $500.


Now my wallet is nealy $2500 during the three months.Although I can not post everyday but I made likes day by day I can.So let me stake my income leo 100 to night thanks my dear friends.
Writen by @sheinthu

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