Do You Follow Crypto Predictions By Experts?


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Honestly the answer about me is a big NO. But its a personal preference and choice. Many of you may prefer crypto trading that experts mostly predict the probable price of it. For me its just earn, hold and sell. Sometimes I'm unable to hold for the right time (when crypto pump) and sell crypto coins when it is necessary for me. Not necessary to follow my footprints when you’ve big plans with big investment.

Today I find an article where author's title seems had panic attack as he used the word "So called" with those experts who predict the price of bitcoin or other crypto-currencies. I was curious and find this discussion topic. Before readiness that blog I was thinking what to write. Actually I believe, experts are also human being and as human making mistake is very common. An expert could be right with his prediction maximum time but he can't be right all the time or he/she didn’t committed that he/she will be always right with their prediction.

Going with the prediction is our own choice and if its hard to trust predictions I suggest my friends to do their own research because experts mostly research a lot and most of the time they are right. Honestly I'm neither on their side nor against the job they are doing. If I had a lots of asset to hold then I may think about following experts just because I'm lazy to research lol. You can follow multiple experts to have a right decision on crypto trading. A single expert or research could be wrong but give priority to the majority can be wise. Still its your asset and your choice.

In 2017 when I learned about crypto currencies and met experts, I learn one thing and that lesson I will follow always. He told that, "Invest as much you can afford to lose." As a risk taker you can invest as much you want but for me it is always best to invest as much I can hold or afford to lose. That's why I earn and hold from them, the all I invest is time here in crypto and you all know that time is money. Be wise to follow and don’t be blind specially when the matter is financial.


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