What’s Going To Happen To Afghanistan?

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Its spine chilling what’s happening in Afghanistan lately. It has slipped under the total control of Taliban. Their president flew away. And there is chaos and panic all around.

People are trying to abduct the country. Air ports are flooded. Crowd is hanging to the planes in an attempt to make their way out of the country with a bleak and dark future. God knows what will happen.

Here are some terrifying visuals as the consequences of this recent disruption.

Afghanistan: striking image appears to show 640 people fleeing Kabul in packed US military plane

Afghans desperate to escape Taliban rule run alongside a US C-17 transport plane at the airport in Kabul

The panic is dreadful, people are fighting to get a space in aircrafts to escape the country. The most horrifying incident was when two people fell off the aircraft in mid air. As they were clinging to the wheels.

People were seen jumping on the outside of a military plane while others tried to get on board a civilian flight (Picture: east2west news/EPA)

Well, this is the 21st century civilization, need I say more?

Historical Background

Taliban started its roots in Afghanistan since mid 1990's. It was a initially a group of 50 people who were religious extremists, and were taking refuge in Pakistan. They went away in 80's when Afghanistan was ruled by communists, and their anti-islamist working fended off the true devotees. But they returned when they saw the communist ideology and powers being crippled in their home country, to restore and turn Afghanistan into an Islamic nation again.

They got support from the ISIS in Pakistan and took control over some territories. The traditional islamist groups who fought with the communists using support from the US were not much liked by the civilians. Becuase they were not leaders, they were goons. They robbed and raped the civilians. On the contrary Taliban imposed strict punishments as per Islam, like cutting off hands for robbery and death for rape. They managed to capture the hearts of people and eventually Kabul. And became the supreme power in late 90's.

Soon the Afghanistan become the victim of religious extremism. An endless list of things were banned including movies, music, internet, education for girls, non-Islamic traditions and sharia law was strictly enforced. Human rights violations and atrocities in the name of religion became a common sight.

Then the leader of Al Qaeda, Bin Laden declared jihad on USA for its brutal treatment to other Islamic nations. And the world famous 9/11 happened.

Taliban was accused of providing support and refuge to laden. As a result US stepped in 2001 and swept away Taliban from Afghanistan.

The Current Scenario

After being sidelined, Taliban kept on struggling to regain its lost power. Meanwhile US, NATO and other regional allies kept on supporting Afghanistan government to grow their military power by providing money aid, weaponry, advance military troops and training the afghan soldiers.

A 2017 BBC study revealed that, Taliban regained complete control of some districts and they already had a presence in multiple remote areas.


But Taliban advances had accelerated lately. Clashes had been going on since a few months between afghan and US military with Taliban. US also tried to stop their advances with air strikes. But they kept on moving forward. And they executed their plannings with lightning speed in the past one and half month.

Here is the map of Afghanistan as on 9th of July.


And here is the map as on 16th of August.


So as you can see how quickly things went from bad to worse for Afghanistan.

On 15th of August US pulled out their military from afghan and their other citizens subsequently including the people working in US Embassy in Afghanistan. And the Taliban then took over the kabul and the afghan parliament without blinking an eye.

The US Decision

A lot of people all over the world are condemning US for its cowardly move all kinds of remarks, tantrums and trolls are flooding the twitter regarding this decision of the US president.



But US president Biden defended its decision to pull out off Afghanistan. He blamed the happenings on the inability of afghans to fight. As not a single shot was fired by the Afghan military at a lot of places to defend the invasion.

He said

“It is wrong to order American troops to step up when Afghanistan’s own armed forces would not. Afghanistan political leaders gave up and fled the country. If anything, the developments of the past week reinforced that ending U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan now was the right decision.”

The Present & The Future

Well no one one knows what the new Taliban is up to. But definitely looking at the history, it doesn't feel really great to be under dictatorship and ruled by the Islamist extremists. Most afraid must be women and the minorities.

Though one of the Taliban administrator told a reporter that they are no longer against the education for women. While another leader stated that sharia will be implemented and enforced.

Here is a glimpse of the important happenings and announcements till today after the takeover.


There are also people who probably have a softer side for this new Taliban. They believe that things would not be as worse as people are thinking they would be.

The new Taliban is claimed to be the Taliban 2.0, where woman would be allowed to work and have education. There would be general amnesty to everyone. Media would be allowed to operate and there will be friendly foreign policies.


A snake is a snake. Will always be. I don't think the good and honest image being projected by the Taliban will hold true. History just repeats itself. Always.

Anyone holding power just always try to please its people to grow and assert more influence. And its evident from the past that Taliban will say anything that the west needs to hear. But still do however they please.

Dictators are just dictators. They don't have anyone to hold them accountable or to make them turn their guns away. Not civilians at least. I believe sharia will be enforced. Young girls will be forced to marry the talibanese. And they would never be able to deny sex to their husbands. That's what 'Sharia' is.

They will eventually have to bear the brutal treatment for their presumed misbehaviors by their husbands. Martial rape and domestic violence aren't even a concept for talibanese let alone illegal.

Taliban has a long way to go. And I don't think they are dumb enough to neglect the importance of bilateral relations and trades to survive. I think they are very skillfully trying to dodge the non cooperation of the other nations. They are doing an image makeover because not many would like to deal with human rights violators.

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Its kinda like an exact flashback to te us leaving vietnam, images are so creepiy similar. Maybe history doe repeat. I agree the Taliban cant be trusted, and I fear they show the nasty side fairly soon.


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