The Manifestations of Sensuality


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Then suddenly I was lying on the floor, and ceiling was a maze. And the walls had patterns. And the waves of light were travelling and glittering through the bedsheets. Like there were flickers and fireworks all around.

It was the most jittery and hallucinated I had I ever felt. It was the day when I had dropped some acid.

A half piece of a 150 micrograms LSD stamp. And the world turned unreal for real. Everything usual was so much fun for a few hours. The things I could see, the things I could hear. Every sensation had a different feel and meaning. Suddenly.

We started at 12 at night and I could only sleep at next 11. With some cramps and muscle pain and the world getting back to normal again.

Sensuality in humans is a desire to pursue pleasures through our senses. Life would probably be impossible without our abilities to sense. Imagine a world where you can't see, can't hear, can't taste and your body is numb forever without any feelings. Maybe we become worse than an amoeba or a tree trunk.

Senses are the input units and our brain is the processor. You take in experiences and the brain processes them. Then tag them as better or worse than before.

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If they are better we want to pursue them more, we want to experience them more often. Perception of experiences breeds sensuality. Or our desire to experience more pleasure. To do more of what is satisfying to the senses.

But every pleasurable journey is a tale of sorrows. It starts from sorrows and ends into sorrows. From dropping an acid to muscle cramps. From having sex with your partner to getting engrossed in phones after the orgasm. From getting high and getting drunk and enjoying the cloud nine to licking the ground back again. From going above normalcy and getting back to normalcy again.

The pleasure is for a period of time but the pain exists. The pain and and suffering and normalcy are omnipresent. Pleasure and sensuality need a source.

Just like the light and heat, as any amount of them present in this universe is being generated by a source. Once it depletes there would be no light and no heat. If sun stops having chemical reactions today, the earth would be a floating ball of ice in a few years.

The 'Universe' and 'Space' is the coldest and darkest place possible. Coldness and darkness are omnipresent just like the pain and normalcy. All of them can exist independently without any source.

Does That Mean Its Futile to Pursue Sensual Pleasures?

It might be to someone. Because this is subjective.

There are countless 'Yogis' and 'Sadhus' who have renounced the most forms of pleasures. They find it meaningless to achieve something that is short lived. That they can't hold on to. They are after the eternal bliss trying to limit intensity of their experiences and trying to find pleasure in normalcy.

But I am not a renouncer. I find meaning in human connection and new experiences. And I want to transcend them. I want to move through them and practice them again if they can turn some moments into memories. I believe in transcendence.

It is also important to tame our desires that seek pleasure. And to exercise them in a controlled manner. Rather than as an escape from everyday suffering and normalcy.

Because Sensuality if not practiced in moderation can eventually turn the most sensual experiences into monotony.

Do you love sandwiches?


Even if you don't, let us assume that it is the tastiest thing that has ever happened to mankind.

Whenever you hear the word ‘tasty’, an image of sandwich pops up in your head and your mouth fills with gallons of water.

Whenever there is a question of something good to eat. In every possible sense, it is always a sandwich.

Ok, I am exaggerating sandwiches a lot but still assumptions do not cost a dime. So let us assume sandwiches are special, they are damn costly and hard to get, sandwiches are the only thing you want and sandwiches are your lifeline.

Now what if you start getting sandwiches for your every meal and during snack times as well.

What if you will get nothing else to eat for the whole life except the best and tastiest dish known in the universe that is a ‘sandwich’.

After you get over the prodigy of having free-food-for-life and stop jumping like a monkey.

You will realize that it feels a bit intimidating at first but gradually the tastiest thing in this universe has lost its spark.

Because we perceive things in relation with others. Comparative to our last similar experiences.

You have not tasted anything other than the best for years now; you do not know what a normal taste is or how a bad taste feels like?

What you only know is the taste of a sandwich, which is fucking normal for you because there is no other taste you can compare it with, in order to realize that it is better and exceptional.

That is why it no longer remains special. You don't admire it anymore. Sandwiches are not freaking awesome, sandwiches are just sandwiches.

So what might be most pleasurable for you at a point in time. Might become a reason for your pain and suffering, if not manifested in balance, in harmony, with your life.

Ask the adulterer, how his chase of pleasure broke his family and shattered his relationships. Ask the drug addict, how incessantly seeking pleasure escorted him to the shithole. And ask the obese and unhealthy, who ate whatever came his way... about how it has turned out.

Sensual pleasures can be enjoyable but can also become monotonous and make your life miserable if you won't keep a check on them. And It all comes down how you manifest the sensuality to work with the flow of your life.

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