Crypto media influencers are becoming a menace

So earlier today I was reading the reports about how a popular American celebrity named Kim Kardashian was ordered by the US SEC that she should pay a fine of more than one million dollars for promoting a crypto project which turned out to be a kind of pump and dump scam..

Well the thing is that she is not the only celebrity who is often guilty of promoting shady projects just for their own selfish reasons , there are many social media influencers that are used to promote various crypto scam projects and they the influencers most times do not even have the basic idea about the crypto project which they are promoting, all they care about is how they will get paid for helping the project owners to promote their crypto project, they do not even care whether it is legit or a scam..

There are many people who have invested into scam projects simply because one influencer someone there advised them and assured them the investor that their investment is safe on those projects , I think if the crypto media influencers starts getting seriously punished by the authorities for promoting scam crypto projects, I think it will make the menace to reduce and more investors will be able to avoid falling into crypto scams simply because one influencer cajoled them into investing on a project.

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