Right time to buy The Hive-Engine INDEX Token and an opportunity to earn LEO


for those who do not know about the hive engine index token,well it is actually known to be the first token that is able to actually represent an index which consist of the best performing tokens which are available on the Hive-Engine market.........

now the question is how does the hive engine index works??

well The HE-Index is actually known to be 100% backed by the tokens which it actually do represent. so for example it means that if the token actually represents like the 1000 LEO tokens, it will therefore hold 1000 LEO tokens.......

so what happens is that there is a regular review of all the good and top performing tokens which are within the Hive-Engine and what now happens next is that some top tokens will be selected to actually represent the token........ and this is actually confirmed to be really based on the volume averages which is over the history of each of the token for a set time......

so what it means is that For every INDEX token purchased, a weight is actually confirmed to be really given to the individual tokens which it actually represented, then INDEX will then actually purchase the corresponding weight that applies to each token.

so it is fully backed by every token which it represents

the way you can profit from the INDEX token is that

when the value of the market is actually able to increase overtime, each of the INDEX token will also be able to actually rise in value.

via the curation rewards, also following curation trails which is actually been specific to tokens which it represents in the token additionally with the top performing trails which exist on the blockchain as well........

you can also get mining profits....

and the Payouts are as follows:

you will be able to actually earn up to 80% of all rewards (which includes the mining and the curation) and these are actually paid to the INDEX holders which is actually based on the total percentage of the total tokens which the holder holds......

then the 10% is also actually used for purchasing of miners of tokens which is really represented in the INDEX.....

then another 10% is been actually used for the admin fee's..........

then all the Rewards are actually been paid out automatically once a day......

the INDEX token is currently worth $0.289.....which is the last hive price as at the time of this post........

you can buy the INDEX token here at..


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