Playing with Paint


So I started playing around with MS Paint trying to come up with a cool banner for Shield of Glory (the Splinterlands guild I reside in) and kinda got carried away.

It all started with...

Sinistry Crest.png

Which is fine... I was only wanting a banner so it didn't need to be anything special, but I kept fooling with it.

SoG battered.png

SoG Impaled.png

I didn't know what else to do to it so I fooled around with a few different variations to get some inspiration.

Project SoG Blood.png

Project SoG Descension.png

Project SoG Envy.png

Project SoG Flesh.png

Project SoG Wisdom.png

And I finally came up with this.

Shield of Glory Banner.png

Shieldy Bear Borderless.png

Shieldy Bear red and blue.png

Shieldy Bear Refined.png

Shieldy Bear.png

But so far the guys in the guild seem to like this version best.

Shieldy Bear Borderless.png

So if we can ever apply custom banners I guess it's the one we'll go with, even though I like the brown and red better.

Then, while screwing around I accidentally made a version that looks like it it was painted in it's youth. No battle scars or tatters, and I like it but it has no place on the battlefield so we'll be sticking with the mangled version.

Shieldy Bear Crest.png

Edit to add this is what I used for the eyes but it doesn't show very well.

Seeker of Glory.png


!BEER and !PIZZA for Shieldy bear !!!