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It was, but the odd part is I smiled all the way through it, so !LOLZ aren't just helpful, they're appropriately placed, !LOL.

My !BRO is a dick, anyway. Fucker signed a lease with me in college then showed up one day 6 months in with a new wife (having only been divorced from his first for 6 months) expecting to just mover her in and split his part of the bills with her while I just carried their asses.

When I didn't comply he fucked off.

He's made a habit out of pulling this shit, and while I do miss the fellowship of hanging out with someone I've known since age 3, the hilarity of him pulling it when he did and how easily it was to rebound and launch to new heights immediately afterwards kinda makes it worth having a pos !BRO !LOL

I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'm gonna make his kids !LUV me more than him or just let it go and turn my attention to !BEER and !PIZZA 😁