Splintershards Breakdown, Anyone?

Since the announcement of Splintershards dropped last week I’ve been all kinds of excited. I’ve poured over the white paper trying to piece it all together and while it’s clear to me that this is a big deal that will have reach far beyond Splinterlands, I haven’t really been able to wrap my mind around the enormity of it.

If I’m reading things correctly Splinterlands will essentially become a defi version of a corporation. Is that correct? If so, what will the differences be between how it will operate if it’s a decentralized entity unto itself?

My knowledge of these things is limited to be kind so what looks kinda like stock options may have an entirely different function here.

What are some of the synergies and conflicts that may arise by using the same token for in game and meta governance? How will this differ legally from a tradition corporation (or similar entity) and what responsibilities will be absent here that one would find there? What “responsibilities” will fall on token holders that may warrant a paycheck in the traditional structure?

What will token price reflect? The value of the company or the value of the game/community, or some congealed, abominable conglomeration of the two?

Anyone brighter than me have any insight to share on this topic?

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