Splinterlands Budget Deck Against The Legendary - Krone The Undying - Will CRUEL SETHROPOD Save The Day?


Rarity: COMMON
Element: WATER
Level: 8
Attack: MELEE
Mana Cost: 3 POINTS
Abilities: N/A



  • Often times when we see a very low mana cap battle rule, there are 2 dominant strategies
  • Option 1: use a big card that self-heals, while counting on the enemy lineup will not able to burst you down
  • Option 2: stack small cards (mostly 1 to 3 mana) to extend the rounds and hit additional targets


  • Silenced Summoners: summoners do not give any buffs - pick one with the lowest mana
  • Equal Opportunity: All monsters have the Opportunity ability (attack the monster with the lowest health)
  • Weak Magic: Magic attacks hits armor before health
  • Mana Cap: 13 mana
  • Splinters: Water, Earth, Death, Dragon

Combination of Equal Opportunity and Weak Magic makes Cruel Sethropod extremely valuable, you get 12 points of health/armor total and 2 attack for only 3 mana

Summoner: Camila Sungazer

  • 3 mana summoner is the lowest cost summoner I have
  • Always have the Dragon Splinter option when it doesn't "cost you anything"
  • I like Naga Assassin for her high speed and Backfire ability
  • I select Water Splinter to go with the Dragon summoner

Position #1: Tank - Chaos Agent

  • With only 13 mana total to assign, mana is very precious
  • For 1 mana, you get a 4 speed tank with both physical and magical evades
  • For the battle rule where every monster gets the Opportunity ability, 3 health means this will be targeted for a lot of early beatings with higher chance to evade

Position #2: Hardy Stonefish

  • This is another amazing 1 mana card for 3 points of health/armor and 2 attack (with Opportunity due to battle rule, perhaps it get a chance to deal some damage)
  • This card should be able to absorb 2 hits

Position #3: Cruel Sethropod

  • For 3 mana, you get 12 points of armor/health, this is by far one of the best ratios per mana
  • And you also get a decent 2 attack for the mana
  • When you watch the battle replay, pay attention and see how long this card lasts, you will be amazed

Position #4: Torrent Fiend

  • A zero mana filler could mean win or lose in a close game
  • It absorbs an attack for you
  • At 3 speed, it could even dish out 1 damage (due to Opportunity battle rule) before its demise

Position #5: Angelia Mandarin

  • 6 health is the highest in my battle line up, it will be attacked last
  • Triage will heal back lane monsters if they survived
  • Based on this line up, only Naga Assassin is likely to survive, most will get one-shotted while Cruel Sethropod will likely be in the first position and no longer eligible to get healed

Position #6: Naga Assassin

  • For 2 mana, this is one of the most valuable card from Dragon Splinter
  • 2 attack and a whopping 6 speed with Backfire that does damage if the opponent misses, very valuable



  • Smooth sailing up to this point, then Kron the Undying triggered Last Stand
  • 17 health with Heal, 5 magic attack, Kron has become a very tough beast
  • From the looks of it, it's grim - looks like most of my monsters will be one-shotted 😥
  • Is this a decisive loss? Or a close win?
  • If I can't out-damage the healing on 17 health, it is game over
  • My attacks could miss, while magic attacks from Kron will not miss
  • I won't spoil the ending

Do some math first and estimate how this could unfold, and watch the replay and see how close you are

This is a very interesting match up and will help you understand the game's mechanics better 😁

Link to the video: Click here for the battle play back!

! [Hidden Spoiler Text] This is the battle that earned me 66 rating points and got me to Diamond III

  • If there there was even one miss, I lose
  • This is a very close win