Splinterlands Melee Opportunity Big Mana Showdown - Neutral Dominance!




  • Equal Opportunity: all monsters gain Opportunity - attacks the monster with the lowest health
  • Counterspell: all monsters gain Magic Reflect - returns magic damage
  • Stampede: The Trample ability can trigger multiple times
  • 54 Mana
  • Splinters: Earth, Life, Death

Summoner: Thaddius Brood

  • Reduce enemy's Magic and Speed by 1
  • I could choose other Splinters, but decided to go with this summoner to gain access to Demoralize from Harklaw
  • Typically with this battle rulesets, people tend to use more melee, I know I do

Position #1: Tank - Chaos Agent


  • This is one of the most useful card, 1 mana only and is excellent in the front with Dodge, Phase, and Backfire (to do 2 damages if the opponent misses), also as the rear tank against Sneak

Position #2: Harklaw


  • With Opportunity battle rule, the main tank does not need to be in the first position
  • Keeping him in the second position to keep the Demoralize skill up longer
  • Shield is useful if and when Harklaw gets attacked after promoted to the first position
  • With 10 health (third highest), and Coeurl Lurker taunting, he will not be touched until only 2 friendly monsters are left on the board
  • Immunity would be very useful against poison to reduce damage per round

Position #3: Coeurl Lurker


  • This is the superstar tank card that I like to use with Opportunity battle rule
  • Taunt goes very well with Dodge, Phase, and Thorns, it should stay up for a while (unless getting unlucky hit by Giant Killer)
  • Placing this in the middle to avoid damage from opponent's main tank, hope it will last an extra round

Position #4: Sand Worm


  • The main attraction for this card is pure damage with Piercing
  • Snare removes Flying ability from the target monster, makes it easy to hit by non-flying monsters
  • Fingers crossed I don't encounter a tank with Forcefield (like the Mycelic Slipspawn), otherwise the damage potential will be reduced to 1

Position #5: Legionnaire Alvar


  • After Coeurl Lurker, this is second of the three amazing neutral cards for this battle rulesets
  • Void Armor protects it against magic attack
  • Giant Killer does double the damage on targets with 10 or more mana, which is very likely when this battle goes up to 54 mana
  • Demoralize is another amazing skill when I expect the enemy lineup to be melee heavy
  • Death Blow does 2x damage on the last monster (I am still waiting to see if Death Blow and Giant Killer stack, not this game unfortunately)

Position #6: Arkemis The Bear


  • I picked up this latest Promo card recently
  • This is the third of the three amazing neutral cards I would almost always use for this battle rulesets
  • Protect gives all friendly monsters +2 armor, which means my monsters could potentially survive an extra hit
  • Halving reduces target's attack by 50% rounded down
  • Forcefield reduces damage taken to 1 from attacks with power of 5 or more (example: Sand Worm), place this card in the last position to protect the rear!
  • Enrage increases Attack and Speed by 50% as soon as it is damaged



  • Decisive victory!
  • I have learned that Sand Worm's Sneak takes precedence over Opportunity, it took a big bite out of Cthulhu
  • Chaos Agent's Backfire worked out beautifully and finished the main tank
  • Coeurl Lurker took the hits like a champ, too bad it did not dodge at all in this battle. At least it did 2 damage back from Thorns!

Link to the video: Click here for the battle play back!