Splinterlands - Opening 15 Gladius Packs - LEGENDARY!!!


These are my new Chaos Legion Reward Summoner Cards


  • I have collected most of them, except for the Life Splinter
  • The card levels are coming along

We know for a long time that the Gladius cards from Merits are overpowered. These amazing cards have been reserved for Guild Brawls... until now. With the new summoners, players are now able to use the Gladius cards regularly outside of guild brawls.

That said, I am excited to share the results from 15 Gladius packs, that's worth a whopping 30,000 Merits!


  • Each pack contains 5 cards, and guaranteed at least 1 RARE or better

  • With 15 packs, I would be expecting at least 15 RARE or better

  • I have collected:
    -- 1 Legendary
    -- 3 Epics
    -- 18 Rares

Well beyond expectation!

I am also able to upgrade a few cards to higher levels

Katrelba Gobson - Level 4

  • This upgrade is huge, gained 1 attack!
  • With double strike, this card will be able to do up to 6 damage per term from behind with Sneak

Helmet Kharafax - Level 3

  • For 2 mana and the Scavenger ability (gains 1 health every time a monster is eliminated), this is already a contender
  • One more level to get Void ability which reduces magical damage by 1

Kotriphus Bayne - Level 2

  • This level gives the monster an extra attack
  • This card is already usable as is under certain battle ruleset

Cutter Brieze - Level 2

  • 1 mana card that also does damage is very valuable as a filler
  • This level up earned the card 1 extra speed

To close, here is a poem dedicated to Splinterlands

In a land beyond imagination, where creatures roam,
A world of strategy and battles, it's a gamer's home.
Splinterlands, the game of cards, with heroes and villains too,
A world of adventure, where our dreams come true.

A world of fantasy, with a story to tell,
Where players compete, and battles they quell.
With tactics and strategy, it's a game of the mind,
Splinterlands, the game of cards, for the sharp and the kind.

From Fire to Water, to Death and Life,
The splinters they come, to conquer the strife.
Each card a hero, with skills to display,
Splinterlands, the game of cards, where the heroes play.

A game of skill, with a strategy to win,
A world of excitement, where the battles begin.
With a community so strong, and a team that never fails,
Splinterlands, the game of cards, where the future prevails.

From tournaments to leagues, it's a game so vast,
Splinterlands, the game of cards, where the players surpass.
No more boredom, no more strife,
Splinterlands, the game of cards, it's a way of life.

~ Written by AI, reviewed by me 😁


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