Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: DRAGONS!


Element: DRAGON
Level: 4 (Max)
Attack: MELEE
Mana Cost: 11 POINTS
Abilities: Reach, Double Strike, Shield


  • What Doesn't Kill You: All monsters have the Enrage ability
  • Mana Cap: 29 Mana


Summoner: Camila Sungazer

  • 3 mana dragon summoner is amazing, -1 Melee Attack is a bonus
  • For a low mana battle this allows the 1 extra mana to squeeze in a better monster (in this case, I could use a healer that costs 4 mana instead of a 3 mana monster from my normal template)
  • I paired Dragon with Life Splinter, to gain access to Pelacor Conjurer and Stitch Leech. These are, in my opinion, the best low mana tank and sneak attacker that combo well with Carnage Titan

Position #1: Tank - Pelacor Conjurer

  • This is one of the best tanks and it only costs 2 mana
  • High speed with Flying help evading physical attacks with ease
  • High health to mana ratio
  • Phase reduces the chance of getting hit by magic, and if hit, Magic Reflect returns half the damage back to the attacker
  • Divine Shield negates the first hit

Position #2: Carnage Titan

  • This is often my go to card for mid mana battles, to combo with the very defensive Pelacor Conjurer, this more than make up for the damage requirement
  • Double Strike could take out armor and health in the same round
  • Double Strike could finish off the first target, and also hit the next target with the second attack
  • Reach gives it the ability to attack from the second position
  • Shield reduces physical damage taken by 1 (includes Thorns, which would net out to only 1 damage returned per attack)

Position #3: Celestial Harpy

  • This is a staple powerful 2 mana flying melee attacker with Opportunity that does not miss!
  • Opportunity attacks the enemy monster with the lowest health
  • True Strike ensures the attack never misses

Position #4: Stitch Leech

  • This is a one of the best 3 mana high damage melee attackers
  • 4 Attack with Sneak to attack the back lane
  • Life Leach adds half the damage back in health (up to 2 health/attack), if you can position this monster somewhere in the middle, and avoid early frontal or rear attacks, it becomes very tanky in later rounds

Position #5: Venari Crystalsmith

  • This is the staple Life Splinter tank healer that dispels enemy buffs
  • Very decent stats for 4 mana
  • I am risking this at the very back, it could be eliminated early by sneak, but with 4 speed and 6 health, it is likely to last more than one round unless being focused by 2 Sneak attackers

Position #6: Doctor Blight

  • Affliction makes the target unhealable
  • Poison does 2 damages per round once applied
  • With Camouflage, it sits hidden in the very back damaging and poisoning the opponent without getting targeted
  • While accumulating health from the Scavenger ability, until the last doctor standing, this is the insurance policy to outlast the opponent in a more evenly matched battle
  • Weaken reduces the health of all opponent by 1
  • This card offers so much for 4 mana, I always try to use it



  • My deck countered the melee/magic combo beautifully
  • -1 Melee Attack from my summoner helped, it saved Venari Crystalsmith from getting eliminated by Tenyii Striker's Sneak attack in the first round
  • Pelocor Conjurer has proven to be the MVP tank again and again, evade-tanked multiple attacks from both magic and melee (this card alone is worth choosing Life Splinter over others more often than not)
  • Very happy my deck won against Beta monsters: Serpent of the Flame and Giant Roc

Link to the video: Click here for the battle play back!


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