Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: NERISSA TRIDAWN


Rarity: EPIC
Element: WATER
Level: 6 (Max)
Attack: MAGIC
Mana Cost: 9 POINTS


  • Fog of War: no Sneak/Snipe
  • Heal Out: all healing abilities are removed
  • Target Practice: all ranged and magic have Snipe ability, this is cancelled out by the Fog of War ruleset 🤣 (I was uncertain which one takes precedence, now I know)
  • 56 Mana
  • Splinters: Water, Earth, Life, Dragon

Picking a Splinter:

  • Without Heal, I have decided to exclude Life and Earth
  • Without Sneak or Snipe, I have decided to go with a monster with Opportunity and good ranged/magic lineup
  • Given 56 mana cap, I have decided to include Dragon monsters


Summoner: Quix The Devious

  • Reduce enemy's Ranged Attack and Speed by 1
  • Without sneak, it will be either magic heavy or ranged heavy

Position #1: Tank - Diemonshark


  • This is my favorite tank from the Water Splinter
  • Attack oriented tank with high armor and health for 8 mana
  • Trample attacks the next monster after it eliminates a target
  • Enrage increases melee attack and speed by 50% when the health is damaged
  • Retaliate has a chance to counterattacks when hit by a melee attack (in this battle, it is triggered for all but one attack!)
  • I could use used a more expensive tank like Coerul Lurker or Algor Longtail with Taunt and more defensive abilities, but without heal support it would be risking more mana if encountered Giant Killer or Fury

Position #2: Carnage Titan


  • This is a strong melee attacker, it attacks twice per turn with Double Strike and 4 attack
  • Double Strike could take out armor and health in the same round
  • Double Strike could finish off the first target, and also hit the next target with the second attack
  • Reach gives it the ability to attack from the second position
  • Shield reduces physical damage taken by 1 (includes Thorns, which would net out to only 1 damage returned per attack)
  • The weakness for Double Strike is when it hits against a target with Thorns, twice the attacks, twice the damages returned, but it is protected by Shield and 7 armor
  • 8 health is a little low against a magic heavy team, which is why it got taken out rather quickly after Diemonshark in this battle

Position #3: Deeplurker


  • This is the key card why I picked Water Splinter over others
  • Opportunity is the can help finish off low health back lane monsters quicker (except in this battle there is one problem, Mycelic Slipspawn makes it less effective, but Poison helped)

Position #4: Nerissa Tridawn


  • This is the card for this week's battle challenge
  • 5 Magic with 11 Health is very good
  • The only issue with 5 Magic is Forcefield ability, which reduces the damage to 1
  • In this battle, opponent debuffed my magic attacks by 1, which makes it 4 Magic, just under the threshold, and made this card very effective especially in taking out the Mycelic Slipspawn Taunt tank

Position #5: Chaos Dragon


  • Main attraction for this battle lineup is Scattershot and Blast, to randomly take out enemy support units without being constrained by any Taunt tank
  • Blind helps reducing the accuracy of enemy Melee and Ranged attacks
  • I put this card at the rear to defend against Sneak with its Flying ability with high health and good armor

Position #6: Doctor Blight


  • Yes, this is my go to card, again 😅 when there is 4 mana left over, in this battle I am after its Scavenger and Poison abilities while Camouflaged
  • On hindsight I could have picked an alterative 4 attack card for 4 mana, maybe the rounds may go a little faster and take out the Mycelic Slipspawn sooner
  • Because the -1 magic debuff, Doctor Blight is only doing 1 damage + poison, but Weaken makes it a wash overall



  • Scary victory!
  • I was taking heavy damage, while Mycelic Slipspawn was giving me trouble by reducing my Deeplurker's damage to 1
  • I had no magical defense against a mostly magic team
  • Nerissa Tridawn did very well, consistent 4 damages and 11 health was just enough to stay alive until the end
  • Wishful thinking that Scattershot could have taken out Queen Mycelia in round 1, it didn't happen. But in round 2 it did! I'll take that 😁

Link to the video: Click here for the battle play back!


Chaos Dragon, you either stop it sooner or it wrecks your lineup, a beast in the making!

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