Guess who's back, back again, Slothburns back! BURN POST! Author rewards burned! Curation rewards hodled by YOU!

image.png Thinking of new ways to BURN them all!

Happy Tuesday! It's time to BURN again!
Every now and then I get a little bit burny and need to burn some tokens, burn again! Sloootthhhh burrrrrnn! Burn again!

The main goal of this account is to BURN tokens! The benefit of doing so on Hive, using a "normal" account, means not only do I burn Hive tokens but also Hive-Engine tokens, like (Slothbuzz, MEME, LEO and POB)

SlothBurn NEEDs your help!

SlothBurn added a new incentive for users to get involved, HP delegations for Votes! Delegate some HP to the @slothburn account, and we'll add you to our fan base!

Win-win for both of us, we get some bonus curation rewards for supporting the awesome content on Hive, and you get a bumper upvote on your content!

So far we have 4x delegators, with a total of just under 1000HP to provide votes! A decent upvote for a little HP delegation if we say so ourselves!

Consider adding @slothburn to your curation trails also, help us support other users to achieve their best! Whilst they do the same for you!

Let the burn commence!


Let's see what we burned!

  • 1.4 Slothbuzz
  • 0.035 HBD and 0.085 HP
  • 0.313 LEO
  • 2.4 POB
  • 723 MEME

Total SlothBuzz burnt so far!


Null (Hives burn address) has 444.3 slothbuzz!


Current circulating supply = 9694.1

Buyback and Burn

Still not many bites on our slothbuzz buy order! No one wants to "dump" there tokens on us!
We'll increase the price if our sales orders are sold out, or the buy order time expires! Plenty of time for you to decide what to do with your $Slothbuzz!


Currently @SlothBurn has some delegated HP, SlothBuzz, LEO, POB and Meme tokens. Feel free to delegate any of the above tokens to this account, which will increase the voting power and potentially the burn amount of each token!

Tokens that could be burnt via this post will rely on the Tags added. The main tags used will be:

Want to add more tokens/ Tags? Let me know and we can try burn those too!

My banner

SlothBurn is an account focused on BURNING Hive tokens. Both Hive and Hive-Engine tokens. All Posts should be burn posts, so all author rewards are burnt! This account follows some curation trails so it can earn curation rewards and continue to power up to BURN more tokens!
No financial advice, no chance of earning from this account (other than curation rewards!) This account is designed as a fun account to play with tokenomics and the burn features of Hive.



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