SlothBuzz Discord MEME contest!

Good Afternoon buzzers! It's been a busy few days, and we buzzed right past our deadlines! Let's play sloth catch-up and get a new MEME contest running!


We head back to Discord for this contest! It seemed to produce better results! More MEMEs less spam! Speaking of lower spam MEMEs, check out LEO threads and use the #memes tag! Throw in a #slothbuzz tag so we can find them too!

MEME contest

500 THGaming + 100 PIMP + 1000 MEME + 0.1 Slothbuzz

Post a MEME to Discord HERE.

If it lasts 24 hours, without another MEME being posted, you WIN!

Bonus prize for every MEME that makes sloth laugh!

Prize Pool starts 4th April with:
500 THGaming + 100 PIMP + 2000 MEME + 0.1 Slothbuzz

We'll add 500 THGaming + 100 PIMP + 2000 MEME + 0.1 Slothbuzz every WEEK the contest runs! (Next addition 10/4)


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PIMP (Paper in my pocket) - For all those looking to make the most of Hive potential earnings! More info

Let's see your pimpin' game memes!!


Sloth.Buzz MEME contest Round 3 Winner!

MEME contest (1).png

Congratulations to @herman-german! Round Three's winner


Prize coming your way in a sloth!
(500 THGaming + 100 PIMP + 1000 MEME + 0.1 Slothbuzz)

MEME contest:

How to participate:

  • Post an original MEME to Discord!

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