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Oh, first time hearing of HUGS. Sometimes taking things Sloth and steady doesn't win the race!

Hannes is trying to learn how to code more on Hive, So he can be a positive influence on the Hive ecosystem. He set up the HUG token for purely that reason. People shouldn't 'lose money' on it, as long as they're aware as to what it is, and send the 'free hugs' to people. Hannes isn't selling the token himself, so it's down to what the community does with it.

He's already made several steps forward on the available open-source codes for 'other hive tipbots', and using !HUG as a method of learning even more, without 'playing with economics' of 'real' tokens (EG Slothbuzz!)

PS did you know we also have !SLOTH command, of course, as you mention, if this was the 'only' usecase, it would be sending the token to 0. Luckily, we have plenty buzz to continue keeping the token growing!