Everything in life takes turns to shine, you can never see the moon and the sun shining at same time, just have faith and keep believing you might be the next in line for a miracle😊.

Hello needlemovers,

It’s actually a pleasure to write to you guys once again, how are we all fairing this morning, hope we all slept well and my fellow needlemovers, hope you guys are doing well too. Am so delighted and happy to meet with you guys again, hope we are all doing perfectly fine cause am not doing bad either and my work has just been going well each day, God had just be God all by himself and his been so merciful and kind towards me and my loved ones. Hope your week is going well.

Am super excited since the beginning of this week because this week I succeeded in making 3 people join this wonderful, life charging @hive community. I told them about the @hive community and I gave them lots of reason as to why they should be here and they all agreed to be registered and as we speak there’re all been registered and they’ve all done there introduction post and there’re exploring, I won’t stop there am still going to keep introducing more people to join that I promise 😊.

So friends There’s this beautiful outfit I made I made at my office and I would love to share with you all, I’ll advice you to sit tight this session will be so fun and interesting, just follow me closely let’s do this together.



Items used:

  • A green fabric striped with black
  • Collar gum
  • Tissue gum
  • A black fabric
  • Matching thread

Usually in my office my boss does the cutting of the cloth and after that he brings it for me to sew so that just the normal thing I don’t get to cut I only sew after he had cut it and brings the design to me on how to sew it. But I just guess it’s same way I have been doing mine that how he does his cutting too.

sewing processes:

Step 1:

I took the blue fabric, I cut size of 5 inches, length of 6.5inches for the small one and I cut size 7inches and length 7inches for the big one and I cut them in pair, now they were 4, 2 small ones and 2 big sizes.
I took the black fabric and I duplicated same sizes both in length and sizes.

Step 2:

I then took them to the iron, and bend the green ones to form pockets and I took the black ones too and bend them to be a little bit smaller in side than those big green ones.

Step 3:

After the ironing I now first place the green ones on the machine and sew the black ones on top them along with the pocket cover I made same size with the black but I used the green fabric to make them now I included them on the mouth of the pocket now the pockets were ready.





Step 4:

I took the finished pocket I place them on top the front of the fabric and sew them according to the sizes, the normal small one was at the breast side while the much bigger ones where at the down side.






When I finished sewing the pockets at there position, I then joined the shoulders and included the both sleeves and join the body too and the cloth was ready.
I’ll just include the neck and the outfit is ready.



Thanks 🙏🏽 friends for always reading my post and for your amazing comments of encouragement too, I say a very big thank you to you all. I love you all ❤️ and have a blessed day ahead. Good vibes. 😎


Kudos on preaching the gospel of hive to your network.

These top looks good and I love how it was surrounded by many pocket.

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