CTA! Splintergate! Twitter offensive! Win a Gold Foil Slimeball


Engagement is key! Winners of my last giveaway!

update (12:47CET) Splinterlands has a new twitter account! Follow it! https://twitter.com/SplinterlandsHQ


Hey Splinterpeeps!

A lot has happened since last week and before I get into last weeks winners of my giveaway I have to talk about something!

Twitter banned the official Splinterlands twitter account. Period. No appeal no chance of reactivating the account.
Is it a coincidence that their "suspension" goes final when they roll out their very own NFT project?
Why is there no reaction to a ton of tweets the Splinterlands community has shared retweeted etc.?
I personally shot out about 10 tweets using the #freeSplinterlands tag. I retweeted a bunch of other tweets from all sorts of players. I tagged @_jack @_twitter @_twittersupport and never got a reaction.
To tag these accounts on twitter leave out _

A lucky coincidence is that for my previous giveaway I asked participants to write up a few lines why they like this game.

There is no better way showing the legitimacy of a project than actually sharing the opinions of the community, of the actual players.
The players who love this game, who earn rewards from this game!
So this is to you Twitter to make you understand that there is nothing dangerous to a blockchain game that actually has a functioning in game economy that gives power over the game to its players! We call upon you to #freeSplinterlands

I quote all comments that have been made. Task was to leave a comment on why you like Splinterlands:

  • "I have always loved card games. I played physical TCGs as a kid, and have played most of the bigger digital ones. The thing that I love about Splinterlands is how different it is from other games. Most new digital card games are just clones of Hearthstone. Splinterlands actualy brings new ideas to the table, and on top of that allows you to own your cards just like a physical game. I !LUV the strategy involved in matches, and how quick the matches are the most though. " (@horstman5)
  • "I like Splinterlands since it's a card game and an autobattler kind of game. I like the art and the community in SL too, delegating to newbies and rarely fighting like other discord servers." (@mechpolaris)

  • "Big reason I like Splinterlands is the gameplay setup. The mix of lineup selection/autobattler mechanics allows for a nice semi-passive gameplay that still has a huge amount of depth with interactions between different abilities." (@fwxiii)

  • "Tbh, Splinterlands was the reason why I got into HIVE at all. Pretty sure that stuff like this game will bring more users into the HIVE network." (@frostzeichen)

  • "... I like splinterlands as i can quickly duck in or out of the game during the day. Once I have selected my team, I can do a bit more "work" and then watch the result at my leisure a little later on. I also love the stats side of the game. It appeals to my "geeky-ness". (@sbenbow)

  • "...I like splinterlands because it is very fun! So far I am a free-to-play player and I managed to reach sliver 1 which I think is a good achievement for someone who didn't spend a single cent. Hope I win something in the next giveaway!!" (@koition)

  • "Splinterlands beats most competitors because it doesn't feel like a constant grind, the gameplay is actually fun. On top of that the reward system is pretty cool, daily quests and season rewards make everything so much more interesting than when we would just receive a small portion of DEC for every battle." (@freeztag)

  • " I like Splinterlands, because it has a real good and working battle mechanism!" (@jdike)

  • " I really like the way splinterlands play, that I can stop at any time and do some battles, as we just have to assemble the team and watch the battle, so at lunchtime or during a break we can play. I really like the way the game works as a blockchain too, with many ways to win, invest and prosper." (@shiftrox)

  • " I like splinterlands because it's like hearthstone but I don't have to play the whole thing out and I can sell my cards if I need to!" (@failingforward)

  • " A gold foil Albatross!!! That's why I like Splinterlands, because there is such a great community around it supporting each other with great giveaways and always ready to help. Thank you for the card." (@gregory-f)

  • "Splinterlands is the best blockchain game available!" (@mercurial9)

  • " I like the strategy of the game and I really enjoy the community." (@chuckrick)

  • " Yay thanks so much for my card!! Whoop whoop! I love spliterlands because of the great community!!" (@mimismartypants)

  • " I like Splinterlands because I like a game with a complex interplay of rules and strategies." (@magooz)

  • " I love it because its a TCG and those remind me of my childhood." (@handtalk5)

  • " by the way.. i like this game coz you can beat 1k $ acount with only a spellbook acount :) I like it coz i can earn while i can play and enjoy :).. so im ready for the next draw :)"(@oduncu)

  • " I love splinterlands because its a much better investment than the stock market!" (@gigas member of @acolytesofhelio)

  • " ... I like splinterlands because it goes so much back in terms of quests and season rewards. It makes me always chase the next league and power target. Plus its a quick and sit and go, no need to dedicate hours and hours" (@eiiviin)

  • " I like Splinterlands because you can build a great collection of cards with just a small investment and a little help from others (for example through giveaways like this 😀)." (@amaari)

So this reads like a great review for a great game and this is only a small percentage of the players talking here.

I like this game too. I like it because you can play it with a minimum investment or you can go big! And there is place for everyone in between, from poor play to earn player to big NFT investor. Whatever level you are, the game is enjoyable, fun and always evolving.



First of all lets deal with the winners of last weeks giveaway:

All the accounts from above are elligible and I put them in the https://wheelofnames.com/ random name picker:


Lets spin for the win!


Congratulations! Your price is:

Congrats to Mimismartypants!

NEW GIVEAWAY! Twitter engagement!

To participate you need to do following steps:

  • Share this article on twitter!

  • tag following accounts: twittersupport, twitter, jack

  • Use the hashtag #freeSplinterlands

Comment the link to your tweet in the comments below.

wait I don't have twitter! how can I win gold foil card?

You can! By writing a post here on hive with a call to action. Do the same as I did ask people to use twitter to raise awareness! Share the link to your post in the comments!

what can I win?




after payout of this post and only if you complied with rules!


Sorry, I don't participate on Twitter. They are part of the Oligarchy and you can't win against them. And I won't encourage use of Twitter. I just don't believe that platform should be given any attention. It really sucks what they did to Splinterlands. I love the game and want it to be successful.


You still can partake in the draw. Just write up a post why you hate twitter and why hive is a much better place to share information :) I will share that on twitter :)


Whoop whoop!!! Thanks for my card! I don't have one of these yet so really appreciate it!!!


It's time for us to destroy big tech and free not only splinterlands but all of the conservative voices that have been silenced without reason aside from offending these faggy fruit cakes! Man up Nancy the ball is about to start! Virtual death to Jack, virtual death to fuckerberg, and virtual death to whoever is running YouTube these days I don't give a f*** enough to actually look the name of the cunt in charge!!!