My Top 10 Characters And Lessons To Be Learnt In Suits Series

“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”

-Harvey Spectre


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Suits is a legal series of 9 seasons with thrilling, comic and captivating legal actions packed all through the Seasons.

There's never a dulling moment with Suits at all.

For this post, I won't be talking about the series though rather I'll be talking about the characters and lessons to be learnt....

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Harvey Spectre

The role was played by Gabriel Macht.


Here, we see a man filled with charisma, hehe.
The best closure in the City 😂

The character was portrayed to be a man who was dedicated to winning regardless of any means available.
In his words,"Play the Man" was his favourite when playing poker.

"I am here and you are there" with hand gestures was his favourite when he's trying to show how indispensable and supreme he is to Mike Ross.

We also see a character who can bend the knee for love and for family even for the intellectuals (Mike Ross' appointment)

Deep within, we also saw a character who was scared of people around him leaving.

Harvey Spectre really did a great job with the role, he was so natural.

Literally brings the solution when it seems there is none... My favourite for a reason ☺️

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Mike Ross

Here is another wonderful character... It was very difficult choosing him as my second choice because you can't talk about Suits Series without him (infact, I'll be using #dreemport star to place both of them as my best character, hehehe).

The character was played by Patrick J. Adams


The character didn't have it all rosy growing up as he lost his parents at an early age and had to leave with his grandmother.

He had a friend who successfully made him lose his scholarship but above all things, he had the photographic memory.

It was for this reason that made Harvey Spectre select him even amidst the whole Harvard lawyers that applied despite the firm's choice (breaking the rule as it was broken for him by Jessica Pearson).

Played the role of an unlicensed lawyer without ever going to law school for years and guess what?
Won cases even against properly trained lawyers

The peak of his acting was when he was able to convince the jury that he was not a fraud despite the fact that he was one......

Watch the movie and know the details 😂

He also loved Rachael Zane with whom he later left the firm with after he discovered himself that he was meant to help people with his photographic memory and not work for the rich.

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Louis Litt

Oh! What a man, hehehe.
Literally kept the fun flowing in the movie.

The character was played by Rick Hoffman.


He was really a natural actor as he effortlessly played his role switching between various moods.

What he really loved the most was managing the associates and Sheila
(Oh! I can't forget mudding too)

He was the best financial lawyer in the firm and above all wanted the firm to reach its apex.
He knows when to pull the plug for his own benefit (I guess that's how the world works anyway).

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Donna Paulsen

‌Eow, she is unarguably one of the best characters in the movie.

The character was played by Sarah Rafferty.


‌she was not only a secretary but a robot Secretary.
‌she did her work so nice that a robot was designed using her name, hehe.

She was indeed a phenomenal character in the show.... The binding force and manacle of many partners in the firm.

Her walking step and her authoritative command even when she is breaking the rule is something that's worth studying,hehe.

She was in love with Harvey but she didn't push it rather we saw her sacrificing a lot for the love of his life even when he didn't know..... Sacrifices we do for love.

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Jessica Pearson

Talk of a woman who is so resilient and compelling with her decision and you will see her.

The character was played by Gina Torress.

Throughout her stay at the Pearson Spectre Litt, she always made the decision that favoured the firm even to the extent of going against Harvey sometimes.

Her charisma is something that's astonishing also... She's just like the female Harvey, hehe.

Her leadership skills was top notch also while she was the managing partner of the firm.

Her ability to know when to even take the fall and relocated to another city for the good of the firm......
That! Is what leaders do.

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Robert Zane

Talk about discipline and you'll see this character...

The character was played by Wendell Pierce.


Above all, what I loved about him was his deep voice, hehehe.
He was a good father and a better husband.
He also knows when to come through for his friends and his daughter (when he merged to save her daughter's firm).

He loves keeping his word and always made emphasis that,"a man should take his word as his pride and dignity" to Harvey.
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Daniel Hardman

It won't be fun without this guy antagonising Harvey Spectre and the firm as a whole amidst others, lol.

The character was played by David Costabile.


There were many other antagonists in the movie but this guy was the most resilient... Fighting tooth to tooth till the very end.

He was out to make sure the firm doesn't exist or exists but with the exception of Jessica and Harvey Spectre as a form of revenge for making him lose his managing partner title in the firm.

He won some fights and lost some anyway, so it was all fair.

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Rachel Zane

Only if love was a person......

The character was played by the Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.


A young very beautiful looking woman.

Here, we see a character who was willing to do anything because of love even to the extent of disagreeing with her parents.

She was the best paralegal in the movie.
Even though she was from a rich family, she was very cool headed and doesn't even bring it up anytime anyday.. infact, she hides it from her colleagues.

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Samantha Wheeler

I call her, "the Woman Harvey Spectre"

The role was played by Katherine Heigl

She suddenly joins the movie in season 7 but left an Impressive note.

Just like Harvey, she really took her job seriously and never admits to losing.
She will go to any extent possible to make sure she pulls off whatever strings she could for a win.
She also had it rough growing up but never allowed her poor upbringing weigh her down.
Despite her rough life, she's got the heart of gold.

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Mrs. Faye Richardson

She is the best antagonist in the movie if I'm left to judge, hehehe.

The role was played by Denise Crosby


Few minutes after her joining the firm, she made the statement to Louis Kitt, a managing partner 😄

That's the problem with this place. You're a bunch of wild dogs running around, defecating all over the legal standards you swore to uphold. You can bet your ass I'm gonna put a leash on every one of you.

She was really prepared for the task at which she was sent for.

For been able to pull Harvey Spectre out of the firm really should tell you that she's a no joke, what a vicious character 😅

She took over the managing partner of the firm when the firm was under investigation of been able to continue since they've had several cases that were unethical.
She was an authoritative one.

Wondering how she pulled out the great Harvey Spectre? Get the movie 😅

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  • Keep Your Promise:

Often times, we hear throughout the movie the statement, "I owe you one".

And whenever this is called in, gets honoured by the person immediately even at the person's detriment.

Nothing shows how responsible we are than this.

We can see this playing out multiple times between;
Harvey and Dana Scott.
Harvey and Sean Cahill
Robert Zane and Harvey
And many others.

  • Family Love:

Even without telling you, we all know how it is when it comes to family.....It's a totally different feeling.

In this movie at various scenes, we saw what it was like to help a family... not just family members by blood but also our friends we've considered family.

We get to see how Louis always loses his cool whenever there is a case against her sister.

Other scenes includes when

Jessica took the fall for the good of the firm

When Harvey loved and cared for Mike

When Sheila sazzs broke the rule of Harvard just to give Louis the document he needed

When Donna Paulsen impersonated someone else to get Harvey a document that would secure a win for him

How Frank Gallo melted when Mike brought his daughter into the picture of their deal.

And many other areas.... watch the movie to see how it all happened, hehehe

  • All That Glitters Are Not Gold:

Indeed, atimes it's good to give some persons the benefit of the doubt rather than remaining unbent in some of the rules we've made.

Despite the fact that the firm was just for lawyers who are graduates of Harvard, Harvey Spectre was willing to take the risk with Mike Ross and he was able to prove he was better than most Harvard lawyers.

  • Faithfulness In Marriage:

Aside the moral perspective of this virtue, unfaithfulness in marriage could lead us to very serious problems.

In this series, we saw how this singular act was used to blackmail Daniel Hardman and made him lose his firm (what a mistake!)

  • Dedication To Your Work:

Once again, this series proved to us that dedication to work is really good.

Despite Harvey Spectre's narcissistic behaviour, people still come back running to him whenever they have difficulties just because of how good he is.

We will be looked for across the globe if our skills are outstanding, hence, the need to take time and develop yourself.

  • Don't Push Love:

In this movie above all things, we get to see this in play.

A message to everyone Indeed.
Most times, when you love someone and they don't reciprocate, we tend to push and throw ourselves out for the person just like the way Donna was doing for Harvey Spectre.

One painful thing about this is that the person keeps taking all that for granted and never ever acknowledges it but guess what?
They always find out at the difficult moments and will come running to to you just like the way Harvey did.

Thanks for reading through and have a great day ahead 👍


Suits is a top tvshow that deserves all the hype it is getting. They did a good job in scripting the show and all the characters did an amazing job too.

It's interesting to see where you ranked Rachel Zane. She's almost like the main female lead, but she doesn't have a high charisma like the likes of Dana & Jessica.

Louis is a very dramatic character and I enjoyed everything he brought to his role.

This post just reminded me of this series. Hehe.


Hehehe.... I didn't know you've seen this series.
Did you finish it?

That's very true... Seems She ( Rachael) was still a novice in the industry then.
Donna and Jessica clearly were more charismatic

Louis was a really good actor especially having the ability to switch between comedy and seriousness all through the movie 😂


Yes oooooo. I saw the series. I think I saw it up to the season when Mike Ross moved to another law firm after his school stuff got became public.

That's the thing with American series though. It can take more than a decade to release the whole show.

As for the lady that played Rachel, do you know that she is married to one of the current Prince of England? I don't know if she continued a career in movie industry after that marriage.

Suits was a remarkable show. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Oh.. that should be around season 7 or thereabouts

I waited till the whole series was complete before I started, that was why I was able to finish it sef😅

Yes, I know about Rachel's Marriage, she didn't even finish Suits talk more of continuing her career, I guess she left because of the status of her husband


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Harvey Spencer and Mike Ross my guys 😅😅😅

Their duo is unmatched!!!

I enjoyed this movie so much... that I watched the whole seasons and episodes....

I wish it didn't have to end 🤧


Their match is unreal, no cap 😅😅
Honestly I really wish it didn't end when I was in Season 9.... How I wish it was endless 😢


Love this show but I've yet to catch up with the last 2 seasons. I have to make time for a binge session on netflix one day. :)


You'll really love to finish it up 😅
Who's your favourite character?