[TTT] Get your Headphones, it's music time 🎶

It's better late than never I said as I suddenly jumped into the reality that Tuesday just ended few hours ago....

I just finished one of the best legal series, Suits.
When I watch movies, I watch not only the movies but I take notice of the songs they made use of in those movies and Suits was not an exception.


I found wonderful songs from this series show and they have been so nice to listen to so I will be sharing theme for this week's #TTT.
I will be sharing the best three songs

Thanks always to @ablaze for this #threetunetuesday initiative.


  • Song Name: Beneath the Surface
    By: Demons of Ruby Mae
    Songwriters: Adam Rowley / Jonathan Gavin

The song started off with such a beautiful keyboard and a touching lyrics,

Always wanted want he couldn't get

This sends a great message of the song across.

Don't misunderstand the statement, it's not saying that there is limit to what you can achieve, Far from that! it centers on many persons that have made one mistake or another and literally kills themselves over that same singular mistake when there is nothing that could be done to correct.

They dwell in the past and lives a life of regret when they have greater chances of making impacts in the future.

Above all, I loved the instrumental backup of this song.

  • Song Name: Anyway
    By singer-songwriter: Daniel Martin Moore

This has been on repeat since I came across it on the Season 5, Episode 11 when Rachael promised Mike Ross that he wouldn't be leaving him for anything.

It starts off with powerful lyrics also,

Make your choice
Let it be the one you need

Wow! Just wow!
Everything we do in life literally revolves around these powerful words.

Making our choices and above all making choices that we need because once we make the wrong decisions in life, it will haunt us till forever.

Sends a great message to us to never lose ourselves in Anyway.
Then take your time and flow with life, certainly your time will come and you will but your stride.

It's a very calm music that you can always trust to get you thinking.

It also is a perfect lullaby😂.

  • Song Name: Judgement Day
    By singer-songwriter: Stealth

The song starts off with powerful lyrics as usual

can feel the floor shaking, and the glass begin to break
The air is getting thinner with every breath that I take
The calm before the storm, you could hear the drop of a pin

Just as the name implies, "Judgement Day",
It tells us about the consequences that comes with every of our decision.

Before any crucial decision we take in life, we always face judgement day when we are deep in thoughts weighing the odds against and in our favour.

I came across the song in the season 5episode 15 of Suits, a period when Mike Ross was facing the jury to defend himself that he is not a fraud lawyer.

Unlike the other two songs, it is not more of a calm song but sends powerful message across.


Listen to them and tell me what you think about them in the comment section... I will be waiting ❤️

I really hope you enjoy them.

Have a great week ahead and thanks for reading
Until next time 👍


Those are some pretty moving songs. I haven't watched the show, but these songs do move me!


Hi @sperosamuel15, interesting opinions. Songs, many of them translate looks to interpretation, they comfort us and may be in them the answer to our questions. Happy day.


I never got into Suits, but I must say I really enjoyed these deep and emotional songs that you shared with us from the show for #ttt.

Beneath the Surface and those drums kicking in at 2:00 quality stuff, three good songs, but this one was the stand out for me.


Glad you loved them.
Oh... Choices differ then
I preferred Anyway..haha
Thanks for leading a comment