SPI RABONA Team Challenge - Earn more - spend less - SPI Sharks are showing you how



Hello SPI members, LEO community and RABONA fans,
in our last season, the SPI Sharks further increased the profitability difference to all the other teams. With an income of over 5,2 million RBN and revenues of 4,2 million RBN these magnitudes better than every other team. Eddies Eagels having the second most revenues but with 0,9 million, they are looking rather small compared to the Sharks. Dynamo Dresden operating on a tiny loss, whereas SPI LEO Lions, still operating on a 2,3 million deficit. The price of RBN is still under pressure as most of the second layer tokens are at times when HIVE's worth is increasing considerably. Also with the unbelievable efficiency of Sharks, it may take some seasons more to get back the initial investment.

Teamaccountplayed bystartedtotal IncomeResultHIVE earned
SPI Sharks@spi.rabona@alexvanSeason 145.238.924 RBN4.231.807 RBN-100
Eddies Eagles@eddie-earner@silverstackerukSeason 161.865.857 RBN865.454 RBN-100
Dynamo Dresden@spi-contests@no-adviceSeason 142.192.435 RBN-317.197 RBN-100
SPI LEO Lions FC@spinvest-leo@jk6276Season 163.681.447 RBN-2.322.360 RBN-100
spicity@steemcity@shitsignalsSeason 15nnnn RBN-100

Overall Winner is: Least number of seasons to break-even investment (100 HIVE) after reaching League 1.

The statistics below give you an overview of the strategy of the teams.


SPI LEO Lions FC1523788,339240151494062%9630205157,4312,923,026
Eddies Eagles1522571,374240133634455%883855342,532670,466
Dynamo Dresden1627573,314300166815355%992000755,0479,088,366
SPI Sharks2121692,973300163865154%9513003187,0882,162,223

Image by @mariosfame

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