Time to get out research on


Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. This lets SPinvest offer an ROI of 20% per year on SPI tokens. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from @spinvest are through the steem-engine are dex.steemleo exchanges.


Happy Good Friday everyone

Im, not a religious person most of the year but i do take advantage of the holidays.
Gonna spent today researching some different types of investments. There is some SpaceX crypto thing i wonna look into proper, i wonna check out some p2p platforms connected to either loan are shared property ownership. If you know of any good platforms are services providers out there, please let me know the comments below and share the knowledge.

Update on yesterdays posts
SPinvest has since delegated 30k HP out at 15% for a weekly payment.


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