SPK Network Funding Proposal



Note: For additional details on any of the below, please refer to the SPK Network Light Paper.

Note: The SPK Network is completely open-source, and no tokens will be given to the team working on it. All SPK token distribution will be done by the SPK Network protocol, which rewards peers in the Network for providing social media content infrastructure services, and via LARYNX miner token delegations.

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What the System Aims to Achieve for DPoS Graphene Technology:

  • SONs wrapping technology helps to make DPoS the natural go-to side chain for high-fee protocols such as ETH and BTC.
  • BTC, ETH, Hive, PPY, SPK, BROCA, LARYNX, DLUX, and tips are all from the same blockchain account (more chains will be added as time goes on).
  • Off-chain storage for reducing content/info storage bloat from Hive layer I.
  • Censorship-resistant data with the ability to delete your own off-chain content.
  • Incentivised Peer to Peer content infrastructure provision system including Content Delivery, Encoding, and Storage.
  • Distributed, on-chain NFT (attached image) & normal image storage on IPFS
  • User self-hosting of NFTs & other social media content.
  • Own your NFT'ss outright
  • Open-source community content governance System, using community-driven content policies and Content Portals. Each community regulates its own content.
  • Compatible foundation for Layer II Honeycomb social media tokens, paving the way for smart contract and decentralised community tokens on Hive
  • Permanent Service Infrastructure DeFi Pools (SIPs) which back communities with fees generated from their own DeFi pools and grow forever.
  • Payments for digital services and products into an autonomous DeFi pool protocol.
  • Major sink for Hive & HBD with payments for LARYNX Miner Tokens and ad rights being locked into the SIP DeFi pool permanently
  • Ability for DPos Chains to cap their governance tokens and sustain from SIP DeFi Fees instead of inflation.
  • Liquid off-chain gas / bandwidth token (BROCA), which gives the option for an alternative to the Hive Resource Credits system if required.
  • BROCA Gas token incentivises peers to provide improved content infrastructure services such as CDN, Encoding, and long-term storage
  • Highly deflationary, SPK Governance token with long-term, diminishing inflation until supply cap is reached.
  • SPK token Bond system where long-term power-ups are rewarded with additional inflation, rewards, and additional governance rights.
  • SPK decentralised proposal fund with stake weighted voting and competitive price bidding for proposals.
  • Meme-backed NFT Mining of rare, collectible content creator-issued NFTs.
  • Perma web - content that the community/creator deems as sufficiently important will be funded such that it can be stored permanently on the SPK Network IPFS system.
  • Open-source ceramic off-chain accounts will allow for the following account features:
    • Uploading off-chain,
    • Commenting off-chain
    • Adjusting account settings / Syncing account data across multiple devices and frontends
    • Attaching multiple blockchain accounts to the main account
  • General content Advertisement System.
  • Communities Advertisement System.

3Speak Team Involvement

The 3Speak team has developed the following applications which will run on top of Hive and the SPK Network:

  • 3Speak Web Application
  • 3Speak Desktop Application
  • Distributed IPFS storage
  • First time Hive has the ability to self host content and guarantees upload of and ability to watch a video on Hive / IPFS ecosystem even if 3Speak web application is not available.

Working with Peerplays

Peerplays Blockchain team has offered to provide their resources to help build the cross chain swaps system for SPK Network using an adaptation of their SONs technology.

Working with DLuX

The Team behind DLUX has been working layer 2 as long as anybody on Hive. They are the first team dedicated to open source, decentralized solutions for token architectures; Pioneering autonomous multi-authority control of HIVE funds to eliminate central control and single point failures. Their goals of application distribution align very nicely with our goals of video distribution creating a synergy that money alone can't buy. The level of industry knowledge and strategic input is first rate. We look forward to continuing to have our expectations met or exceeded.


Engineers to execute the scope:

Scope of Milestones

Service Infrastrucure Nodes

  • Validator nodes.
  • CDN Nodes (ongoing development).
  • Storage Nodes (ongoing development).
  • Local Encoding Nodes + optimisation of node cluster operations (ongoing development).
  • Ceramic Union Indexer - for combining off chain and onchain content feeds (ongoing development).
  • SPK Network chain nodes (ongoing development).

IPFS Storage System Development

Ongoing development of IPFS storage system and integration with Hive & SPK Network.

Offchain Account Management

Goal is to streamline sign up process and allow for further Hive scaling by posting content off chain.

  • Ceramic accounts integration.
  • Sign up & sign in with meta mask.
  • Binding different blockchain accounts (ETH, POLY, BSC, BTC, HIVE) to your offchain ceramic account.
  • Commenting & posting using off chain indexing system.
  • Syncing comments/upvotes/playlists and other information to and from indexing ceramic nodes.

Breakaway Communities / SPK Hubs

  • Goal is to build stand-alone digital communities / Network States.
  • Integrate Ecency points system.
  • Token drops using ecency points system.
  • Anti-bot system.
  • Multiple governance systems (DPoS, PoS, PoW, Fractal).
  • PoB2 - long-term rewards of proof of brain mechanism.
  • system to track which accounts are hosting content for the community and assign acalades.


During the development process, 3speak.tv will be refactored from the ground up to support the SPK network.

Desktop App ongoing development

Take a look at the MVP for the 3Speak desktop and flagship desktop app for the SPK Network. https://github.com/spknetwork/3Speak-app/releases

UX (ongoing updates)

IPFS/backend Side:

  • Default Gateway selection. Ability to change your primary IPFS gateway.
  • Running IPFS as a service/background in the app. Give users the option to disable or enable the background.
  • Automatically download videos from content creators you follow.

Video Uploading

  • FFmpeg local encoding, Note this is done at present as an MVP but requires more extension/maturity.
  • Video timestamps. Similar to YouTube, creators can label certain sections of their video, effectively creating chapters.
  • Debug Menu - continue development.


Honeycomb Social community Token System + SPK Network Tokenomics

  • Larynx miner purchase mechanism.
  • Broca incentive token release.
  • Develop Broca functionality (paying for storage, CDN, encoding, and other infrastructure)
  • Stake weighted voting system for setting Network variables.
  • SPK DAO.
  • Mining Rewards distribution system.
  • Break away community honeycomb separate node spin-up system (to create separate, stand-alone node networks from SPK Network node operators & cut community token inflation to these node operators).
  • Integrate Token system into Desktop App.
  • SPK Network Bond System.
  • The longer and more you Power Up, the higher your interest rate is. Additionally, the longer the Power-up is locked in, the more influential the governance vote becomes, rewarding long-term holders with proportionally more influence the longer they Power Up.
  • Content creators / communities can create their own tokens, including token Staking.
  • Voting system where voter can see what infrastructure each node operator is running and vote them into validator node top concenus psotion with SPK tokens.

Mining Mechanisms

  • Interfacing / integrating Honeycomb with SPK Network mining mechanisms.
  • Storage (Proof of Access) Mining system.
  • CDN rewarding.
  • Encoder Node rewarding.
  • Service Node rewarding.


  • NFT Market place and bidding platform.
  • NFT Storage on IPFS.
  • NFT mining by Staking Creator Tokens.
  • NFT Memes System.

Service Infrastructure Pool (SIP)

  • DeFi Mechanisms0.
  • Payments into SIP.
  • Payments out to Project Funding Pool.
  • Payments out to Support Infrastructure in times of low payouts.
  • Staking.
  • Token Wrapping.
  • Community Liquidity pools & DeFi.

Proposal Bidding Platform


(This is an MVP - not yet completed)

SPK Network Proposal System

  • Task Setting System.
  • Funding mechanism from SPK DAO.
  • Bidding System.
  • Voting System.

Peer Plays

  • Sidechain Operating Nodes (SONs): a trustless, decentralized PoS cross-chain mechanism for running cross-chain swap mechanisms.
  • SPK SONs.
  • Hive SONs.
  • Build Interface / desktop plug-in to Swap tokens from / to SPK to BTC / Solidity Chains (ETH, POLY, BSC) without user needing to login to peer plays.
  • Use SONs tech to Wrap Solidity tokens (ETH, POLY, BSC), SPK Network tokens, and BTC to and from SPK Chain without user needing to login to peer plays.

API System

To include video uploading and delivery initially but ultimately to allow any platform to easily integrate any web3 tool that is available on the SPK Network. (See technical overview for further details).

Muting and Blocklists/content policy system

As described in Light Paper & technical overview.

Content Gateways Portals

As described in Light Paper & technical overview.


Cost of Servers/experimental infrastructure. Funding will be used accordingly to operate development and testnet infrastructure.


390.09 USD per day for 365 days = 142,382.85 USD.

Insurance Guarantee of Funds

The funds will be sent to the account @spkproposal and distributed to cover the costs for execution of the above scope from there. The SPK Network Proposal will have two trusted Hive Community members as the trustees to the funds received by the proposal. @starkerz & @theycallmedan both will take on responsibility for these funds and will ensure they are distributed to the SPK network developers, and will provide their guarantee that they will reimburse this proposal in the event of any funds lost.

Final notes:

If you have any comments, concerns, confusion, or parts of this proposal or attached documents, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to answer.

About the SPK Network:

SPK Network, a decentralised, censorship-resistant social media protocol and incentivization layer for web3. The SPK Network provides the ability for video platforms and content creators to interact with the decentralized social graph, while rewarding infrastructure providers with SPK governance and BROCA gas tokens.

Read the SPK Network Light Paper: https://peakd.com/hive/@spknetwork/spk-network-light-paper

Website: https://spk.network/

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/spknetwork

Telegram Group: https://t.me/spknetwork

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JbhQ7dREsP

Support this proposal:



And how much is SPK paying the PPY holders?

PBSA conned millions of dollars out of people. They have a completely centralized chain, and a valueless token.

Why are what's remaining of the ICO funds being used for projects that don't benefit the people who are still waiting for that team to make a viable product from the whitepaper. Instead they paying themselves handsomely, and doing whatever they want with the ICO funds, without any oversight, while everyone else is left with a complete loss. They are completely incompetent, and they should refund people the money.


My God, so much information in one publication, I don't know if I can digest all this, because I read it all, but I don't understand so many terms.

In general I understood that this is a good thing for those of us who are part of this project.

I wish you the best of success and that all these proposals are given as they are intended, so that everyone involved can be benefited.

For the time being, I am going to vote in favor of this project, which I think is great and I am going to vote for it.


Pronto publicaremos la versión en Español. Atenta.


Siii, necesito la traducción porque veo que puede haber preguntas como debate con la propuesta.


Estaré atenta. Quiero aprender sobre estos nuevos proyectos, que se ven prometen mucho.


Mi apoyo con la propuesta - I support the proposal. 👍


Why don't you just run some minimal ads and start generating revenue for the project instead? Start treating it like a real business that actully generates wealth and revenues that are paid back to the content creators?


Add HiveSigner Support pls


Supported with my votes, my time and with the services I run like my @v4vapp node and the encoder node.


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Tried downloading the lightpaper but the download doesn't seem to work. In the browser dev tools it says I have to enable javascript. Would you consider putting the lightpaper on the blockchain instead of a PDF? For a project like this, where we want to set an absolute example of doing things right, it seems important to me that as much as possible is put in the open where the community can see and evaluate and it's recorded on the blockchain, instead of on a centralized server.

I would also appreciate some more information about the wrapping technology built by Peerplays. Are you funding them for building the technology on their blockchain, with the promise that later it can be built on Hive also? If so, I am not familiar with the technical details of this and how much work it would be to migrate the tech to Hive, but wouldn't it make more sense to first build it on Hive and then they can migrate it to Peerplays?


So basically we'll be able to spin our on nft soc med on top of 3speak?

That would be a game changer and we've been developing a plan to do just that, the problem is that once we start looking for funding (which is inevitable) it will demand scaling and given how complex the system is, it's nearly impossible to predict the exact date of when these features will be implemented.

So basically what I'm asking, is there a schedule for developments that we can count on.



Strong roadmap, let's make it happen!


Here is my support for the proposal, hope it can put a brick at the construction of something amazing!!!