Gods Unchained - OneUp Cartel Operator Report Week Three!!


Welcome mortals, you have arrived at the #OneUp and #Cartel weekly Gods Unchained report. We are going to give you an update on news, future plans, my account value decrease as the crypto bloodbath starts to affect blockchain gaming, The end to the blessing of the $GODS play to earn event , The divine order balance update. And finally have a video for you of my precious weeks weekend rank rewards. I open my packs and claim my $GODS tokens.


Discord Hacks

What is happening in the Gods Unchained world this week?

We had a few big things happen in the world of Gods Unchained this week and we are going to give you a detailed rundown of it all right here. But before we get started I want to thank you for all the support we got on our last post. Just shows how strong #OneUp and #Cartel are. And to those who left comment on the post I would like to give you an extra special thanks. I do believe I got back to everyone. And that is why we are here for interaction as well as showing you what a marvelous game Gods Unchained is. An even bigger thanks if you watched the video tutorial subscribed and left a comment.

Blessing of the $GODS and Packs delayed again?

So as I am writing this today is January 28, 2022. And I was able to claim my $GODS token for week 10 yesterday on January 27, 2022. These tokens of course were from the blessing of the $GODS event. I only got 7.81 tokens as the number of players who were eligible were down from previous weeks. With just around 52,742 accounts that were deemed eligible for the event.

At the time of writing this article the GU team just made an announcement and you can now claim week 11 $GODS tokens. I was able to claim 6.28 tokens for having 3.5 points out of 4.And there were 66,246 accounts that were eligible for week 11 tokens This is actually faster then I was expecting off the back of their announcement they made on the 25th. I am glad to see they are solving these issues faster then we normally expect from the team.

The sad news is that the blessings of the $GODS event is now over. And they do not plan to extend it due to the amount of bots that tried to gain the system and earn the $GODS token. Apparently there we also what they called bad actors trying to abuse the system. So we have a classic case of a few bad apples ruin it for the whole bunch. These issues also were the driving force behind delayed weekend ranked packs.

For the announcement from the discord you can go to the Official Gods Unchained Discord. And read it directly from the team.

The team does plan to use what they have learned from the blessing of the $GODS event. They want to use this knowledge to cut down on the chance of bots taking advantage of whatever the future play to earn feature may be. I would guess that the fulltime play to earn feature is going to be the deck shine method. But they did mention that this will take some time to implement. So they did say they are going to try and put a short term solution to earning $GODS into effect in the next couple weeks. You can see the link for the Official Gods Unchained discordif you would like to read the teams words on the matter.

The Team has gave me some more insight.

I was able to contact Petrichor again. And ask him what the previous weeks issue was with not all the match data being collected that delayed week 10's weekend ranked packs going out. As well as the whole issue with multiple weeks of the $GODS token being pushed back. I just want to say a special thanks to him for being so nice to give me some small insight to what is going on yet again.

"Hey mate, getting back to you on this one.

we released the results and it turns out 1 game was missing for a lot of different users. We're looking into why this happened and making sure it was just 1 game and which users were affected (as 1 game can change the prizes allocated).

$GODS is tougher as it's to do with bots muddying the waters. We're getting on top of this but as they keep flooding in. We are ensuring the $GODS tokens earned aren't being given to bots as that dilutes the pool for those who earned them.

This was a direct message from Petrichor to my private discord. I was grateful to get a response and it shows that the $GODS token being giving to true players is a top priority to them. As they want their to be real value for the player in the $GODS token.

Weekend Ranked

Big Beasts Nature — 14/25

How I did this past weekend ranked.

This previous weekend ranked I started at the Solar Gold ranking. I was able to go 14/25 for the weekend. I completed the main blessings of the $GODS event as well as the two bonus portions for a total of 3.5 out of 4 points. I also completed the 30 wins during weekend ranked that gives you the bonus rare divine order expansion pack. The regular rewards for my weekend ranked performance are one rare core pack, two epic core packs, and two divine order expansion packs. We add this in with seven rare core packs and one legendary core pack just from leveling up for the week. This will give us a total of fourteen packs.

The $GODS token earned during this weeks event came out to 7.81. And the time of writing this the current value of $GODS token is $2.25 per token. The reason for the recent drop is the overall crypto market being way down as well as people scared of a interest rate hike in the fiat world.

I will say I certainly struggled this weekend. And it did not help they I was trying out a war deck during the week. So when I started my weekend ranked battles I left that deck on. So that was basically a automatic loss for me.

Weekend Ranked Stats

What did I face


So as you can see war continues to be a popular deck. I fair pretty well against war as long as I can weather their initial trade fest. Most war decks seem to lose steam and it leaves them vulnerable. Nature being the next highest god I faced. This is a mirror match so to speak. And I felt like against other nature decks it was who could get their guild enforcer down first. Then the other nature deck would burn their resources trying to get him out of the way.

Then we have magic, I feel like if they get a card like the one above and you do not have a answer. They can really snowball on you with their card drawing abilities. As nature I try and clear their board with my creatures as fast as possible. Then i will drop something like canopy barrage on it. The order can be an issue. Deception I do not face enough of to feel one way or the other about it. Death and their zombies are the bane of my existence. Add in their board wipes and it is just awful to play against. I usually do a 50/50 split against them. Light is another that if I can gain control of the board early. It is over for them. As currently they do not have a good way to get back into the game from behind.

How did my turns break down?


So as you can see I went second just a tiny bit more then first. I really do not care too much which happens when I play. Unless I am up against another nature deck. This is just my feelings as many think going first is a huge advantage. The only real thing that changes for me is that I mulligan different if I am going second. I am looking for more reactive cards. So if they lay something down on their turn I want a card that can answer that. Give me control of the board back or make it even again.

Opening weekend ranked packs and claiming $GODS tokens.

Account Progress

At the current price my coins from the week had a total value of $ 17.57. The value of my cards decreased by $80. So I would say that the $GODS tokens is an okay score. I also am not that upset about the overall decrease in card value as we have seen a huge slump in crypto overall. And we would be foolish to think that Gods Unchained cards can not be affected by that.

The best pull of my three Divine Order packs would certainly be the Starving Sabretooth Gold card I pulled. At the current time of writing this article that card alone has a value of $9.90 so not a bad pull if you ask me. And me being a nature player it put a huge smile on my face. Not to mention that is was a gold card. And with the future plans of the play to earn mechanics being based of the shine of your deck. I was certainly happy that it will bring me value moving forward. I was also able to pull a few shadow level cards. But nothing of great value. However again they will be useful when shine determines your $GODS token earnings.

So by taking part in the past weekend ranked event I was able to gain some more core packs and core cards. These will be important moving forward as we can forge higher shines. Which will then have direct correlation with the $GODS daily play to earn mechanic. I was also able to secure a gold nature card. And basically being a pure nature player that made my day. I know I need to branch out to try some other gods. I feel like that time will come for me with the core set refresh right around the corner. I was able to accumulate more $GODS tokens. I am currently holding those until staking goes live. I feel the tokens true value has not been found yet. So in my eyes the $GODS token will see a decent price increase the second half of the year.

So looking ahead to next week I am aiming to hit a much better win rate. I am a little under the weather so we shall see what happens. If I can do this I will be able to secure two Divine Order packs. Then hit the 30 wins over the entire weekend. Doing that gives you one additional Divine Order pack. So if I can do that I will have a total of three Divine Order packs. I am currently trying to acquire my missing nature cards from the set. Me being free to play this is my best shot at filling out my deck without spending my $GODS token or my own personnel money. I will also continue to see if there are cards I know I will never use and sell them off to buy cards that fit my playstyle. I will also pay attention to the market as I have a tiny bit of ETH on IMX and if I can find a steal. I might go ahead and buy. I feel like some people are panic selling since crypto is down in general.

More News?

Balance Update For Divine Order!

God Power Buffs

Clear Mind

Magic is the only one that is touched by this. Clear mind is now changed from foresee 1 to foresee two. I feel like this is a solid buff for magic. It will give the tempo decks we have been seeing more of a chance to grab those clutch cards a littler sooner. Is this the boost magic needed?

Card Buffs

Crystal Watcher

This card was changed form four mana to three. The team felt that this card was to slow at four mana. Add in the fact that it has order they wanted to speed it up a bit for ramp magic players. And make the card more competitive against pure minion decks.

Phalanx Lieutant

This might be the banger of all the changes. With its stats going from 4/1 to 5/3. And what I think is the most powerful part of the buff. It's text is changed from armor +1 to armor +2. So um yea looks like guild enforcer might get a run for his money.

Inspiring Skald

This one is a text changed. It goes from roar if you are frenzied give twin strike twin strike to the weakest creature in your hand. To roar if frenzied give twin strike to the strongest creature in your hand. Pretty solid buff there. Might see some good play in war with other buff cards. Dropping a nice juicy buffed up creature that has twin strike as well. Win more? I think so.


They changed the mana from two to three. And changed the text from If your opponent has a relic equipped and you don't, equip a copy of your opponent’s relic. Otherwise, draw a card. To If your opponent has a relic equipped and you don’t, destroy it and equip a copy of it. Otherwise, draw a card. The team is was happy with the overall power of the card. But by adding one mana cost to it they felt that it would keep people from playing it at two mana as just a means to draw a card if their opponent did not have a relic equipped.

Covetous Cutthroat

This is just a plain old stat change. The card was a 3/3 and now will be a 4/4 pretty solid four drop if you enemy has a relic with two durability on it. You just got yourself a 6/6 for four mana.

Anubian Redeemer

Another simple stat change from a 4/5 to a 4/6. Not the best five drop in the game. However if it can get it's ability going that extra +1 health in the buff might be just what it needs to stick on the board for another turn.

Card Nerfs

Archangel Bruiser

Another straightforward stat change. From 5/3 to 5/2
With one less health it is going to prevent this card from trading with some of natures smaller critters. The team felt it is a super strong removal card. And by dropping the health down can decrease it's overpowered look.

Sole Survivor

A text change from Give +5 strength to one of your creatures, then deal its strength as damage to each other creature. To Give +3 strength to one of your creatures, then deal its strength as damage to each other creature. I like this change. Will keep war from just destroying all your six or seven drop creatures.

Sudden Bloom

We have yet another text change. Give a random friendly creature +5/+5. If you are frenzied, also give it overkill and twin strike. To give a random friendly creature +4/+4. If you are frenzied, also give it overkill and twin strike. Not a huge nerf if you ask me. So still really strong depending on what you drop it on.

Warmonger Smith

Get a text changed of roar give your relic plus two strength to roar give your relic plus one strength for your next attack. I think this is pretty fair. Considering some of the relics out there that war drops on you.

Moonlight Charm

Changed its stats from 1/3 to 0/3. A text change that took the need to be frenzied, and now it is going to be an ability. To buff your strongest creature. You used to be able to use the relics one damage to trigger the frenzied portion of the requirement. So it has slowed this card down some.

Finnian Fruitbearer

A heartbreaking stat change for nature players. From 2/3 to 2/2. To be fair this is a needed change. And this card will see some good play still.

Oddi, Valka's Herald

The new text reads protected. Whenever this creature attacks your opponent’s god, reduce a random highest mana cost creature in your hand by 1. So oddi lost its backline. This was very needed. At a three drop this cards was deciding games way to fast.

Just A Nibble

Text change from deal one damage to your enemy and heal your god for 5 instead of 7. Not a huge deal but two less health we need to cut through.

Giant Pangolin

Another gut shot for nature. They only removed one armor from him. So he is still pretty good for removal.

Card Changes

Safeguard Incantation

Another text change coming at ya. Change text from ”Draw a card, give ward to all the creatures in your hand. To draw a card your god gets ward and protected.

Enchanted Chariot

Big card rework. Change mana cost from one to four as well a the stats. They are not 3/3 from 2/1. and changed the text when you roar you draw a structure from your deck. You used to deal one damage to an enemy creature.

Twisting Talisman

Another pretty big card rework, changing the mana from one to twp. And the new stats of 0/2 from 1/3. Some text change as well. Now you just use the ability and swap a creature's strength and health. You then remove one durability from the relic. This did away with the flank after you attack with this relic. If the creature survived swap that creatures strength and health.

Blazing Talisman

Pretty much another overall card rework. They changed mana from three to two. And it was give new stats 0/1 from 1/3. The new text is after an enemy creature attacks your god give it burn +1. When a creature with burn dies give your creatures +1 regen. It used to be use ability and give all enemy creatures burn +1 and give -1 durability to this relic.

Lighting Talisman

Changed stats from 1/3 to 0/3. Also a text change from after your god attacks a creature with this relic give that creature at the end of your turn, deal two damage to a random friendly character. To when your god is damaged deal two damage to the enemies strongest creature and one damage to their weakest creature. Remove one durability from this relic.

Glaring Talisman

Changed the mana cost from four to two. It's stats were changed from 3/3 to 0/3. Now when an enemy creature attacks your god give order +3 to that creature and remove one durability from your relic. And it used to be from after your god attacks a creature with this relic give order +3 to that creature.

Plague Talisman

Changed the mana cost from four to two. There was also a stat change from 1/2 to 0/3. And some text changed. From after you damage a creature with this relic, if the creature survived, transform it into a 1/1 zombie. The new texts reads give a random creature at the end of your turn deal two damage to both gods. Then remove one durability from this relic.

Rolling Thunder

Changed the text from summon two 3/3 thunder callers. If you are frenzied, summon three instead. And now it reads summon two 3/3 thunder callers, if you are frenzied draw the strongest Viking in your deck and reduce its cost by one.

Righteous Apparition

The text has been changed. The original was backline, ability give order +3 to an enemy creature. The new card reads backline, ability give order +2 to an enemy creature.

Ghost Form

The text was changed from pick one give order +10 to a creature in your hand, or draw a card. The new text reads give order +10 to a creature in your hand and draw a card.

And that is the balance changes from the divine order set so far. If you want to read the full article you can check it out at the Official Gods Unchained Blog

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a robust digital TCG (Trading Card Game) built on the Ethereum blockchain. As the name implies, the game draws heavily on mythological folklore and combines multiple pantheons (such as Egyptian, Greek and Norse) with various historical highlights. Gods Unchained takes a lighter approach than some TCG's by restricting deck sizes to 30 cards. Players take turns using "mana" automatically accrued over the course of a match to summon creatures, cast spells, and equip relics. Using some combination of the three card types, they attack their opponent until one player's Health is reduced from 30 to 0. The first to do so wins. So battle, collect, play, and earn.

To learn more, check out our Gods Unchained breakdown!

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Great Weekly report! A decrease in value is definitely the norm on this kind of run in all crypto markets, but it should change soon.

Brighter days are coming, my friend.

Good luck with your goal for next week! I wish you get 3 Divine Order packs.

!1UP 100


Hey thanks bud. Yea I am not worried about a decrease in value of the account. As I still hold the cards or NFTs however you want to call them. So when the crypto market as a whole bounces back so will my account value. Just have to Hodl and have diamond hands!!!!


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I love Gods Unchained so much. It's a really fun game. Hopefully I get to fight you one day.


Great post! I'd really like to get into GU but it seems I'm always lacking the time needed to learn it (somewhat) properly 😁


It is a game that requires a pretty large time investment. But it is going to be one of the best paying games later this year. Now is the time to start and get in.


Came from Listnerds
Great job bro @squirrelacus
I play Splinterlands occasionally haven't played this game yet.
Have an awesome day😎


You too. I play both so if you ever have any questions let me know. They are both great games.


Thanks buddy will do have the best day mate:)


You as well. If you have any other crypto projects you want to talk about hit me up as well. I just like to interact with folks