Run from greed as a crypto trader

You cannot be a successful trader when you allow yourself to be controlled by greed , it is not a crime to be really determined to make money off the crypto market , but that do not mean you should be so greedy towards trading on the market..

The greed is a serious problem that can cause damage to your chances to earn money as a crypto investor , greed would make you engage in trading activities that could totally ruin your investment and make you lose them..

Yeah you might be lucky for the first or second time while you were greedy as a crypto trader , but on the long-run you will realize bow much damage you have caused to your investment because of your greed on the market..

There is no way you can be talking about success in crypto trading when you are overwhelmed by greed , greed destroys you as a trader, it will never make you a better trader , it will only keep making you a worst trader and that is why you have to do your best to ensure that you stay very far away from dangerous emotions or habits like greed , greed is a dangerous habit because it causes problem for you and it will not add value to you ...

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