Trend trading on the crypto market

The crypto market is a very big market and there are many trading activities which are going on inside it , different traders with different strategies on the market, different predictions on the market..

So my point is that , your own predictions cannot always be the correct one the market and the market will not always follow your own expectations on the market..

The mistake some traders do make is that they always expect the market to follow their own predictions and during the process they begin to be over-confident of their trading strategies and they forget to apply proper risk management when trading, and then they lose when the market goes against their predictions..

I will advice traders that they should trade by following what is happening on the market, they should not be trying too hard to always believe that their own predictions will always be the correct one on the market , just trade what you see on the market and make use of risk management , stop trying to trade against the market because you expect the market to change and follow your own analysis at any point in time..

Trend is the kingdom , price is the king...just follow the flow and you will be good to go..