Is Cardano the New Kid on the Block?

Hi everyone,

As difficult as it is to make predictions on the Crypto market, still one conclusion is certain... the times where Bitcoin represented more than half of the market capitalization are never to return.

Looking today at the Bitcoin Dominance Chart, it was a beautiful surprise to discover that Thether [USDT] lost the third position, and Cardano [ADA] is building up momentum to shake the world of smart contracts:

With an increase in scalability, Cardano after the Alonzo Hard Fork expects dozens of projects to start to deploy smart contracts on the mainnet.

Analysts expects ADA to break through the $5 mark. Do I believe this will happen before the end of the year. Hell no! But so far looks that ADA will be the first one to recover after correction of September 7:


Definitely something that is worth to keep a closer look!

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