Looking for Mentorees


Greetings, everyone!

If anyone is looking for a mentor, and would like to improve their HIVE experience, here I am!

Few words about myself:

  • white man, in the early 40s;
  • director in a tech company in the real life;
  • investor, gamer and blogger on the hive ecosystem;
  • entrepreneurial behavior, able to think and act
    fast; action-oriented person;
  • living for the future by making every moment count;
  • space-travel advocate, creative mind, blockchain enthusiast;

What I'm looking for: a dynamic person that wants to grow on HIVE, preferable with a different background (I'm also looking forward to learn from diversity of all kinds).

How to apply: please use the comments section to write few words about yourself, and your motivation. I will read all your comments and select one or two persons for the first wave.

photo source: pixabay.com

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