My Weekly Status in Rising Star - XXXVI


Greetings everyone!

Thirty-six weeks from reaching the STARBITS Millionaire milestone, and the time for a new report. Last week was really great: I bought two times the twelve pack, improved my ranking by six positions, did several seasonal missions, and sold the extra 37272 STARBITS for 5.59191816 HIVE for my savings account.

My status as today:

  • Current Rank: 122 (improved by six positions)
  • Unique Cards: 401, Total Cards: 2287, Total IM: 1403, Weekly Minutes: 5365
  • Total Score: 4384


The plan for next week is to continue on the same path. I will do my best to improve my ranking by two more positions, collect enough coins for twenty-four pack and keep a little extra for the savings account.

See you next time!

Till then, I wish you all a great time on Hive!

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