My Weekly Status in Rising Star - XXXVII


Greetings everyone!

Thirty-seven weeks from reaching the STARBITS Millionaire milestone, and the time for a new report. Last week it was again great: I bought two times the twelve pack, did several seasonal missions, and sold the extra 38438 STARBITS for 3.79037118 HIVE for my savings account.

My status as today:

  • Current Rank: 122 (dropped by one position)
  • Unique Cards: 401, Total Cards: 2359, Total IM: 1462, Weekly Minutes: 5510
  • Total Score: 4524


The plan for next week is to continue on the same path. We will have a new month coming in, an brand new cards. I will do my best to improve my ranking by three positions, and reach Top 120. Focus will remain in collect enough coins for twenty-four new packs and maybe something extra for the savings account.

See you next time!

Till then, I wish you all a great time on Hive!

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