Rising Star Giveaway: Episode II (A Daily Chance to Win a Rare Card)


Greetings, everyone!

My first Rising Star Giveaway concluded, and I'm happy to announce now the prize and the winner of that round. πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒ

9 players entered the drawing, and the prize was determined to be the 58 Millie, a beautiful pianist:


I know, everyone wanted that impressive rare card, but maybe someone will get it tomorrow.

The winner of the last edition is @stekene! Congratulation for taking home a beautiful prize!


The rules for my giveaway are simple. For each drawing I will have two wheels: one where I constantly add prizes, and a separate one with all the people that are registering in the post announcing the winners of the previous giveaway.

To participate to the drawing you only need to leave your username in the comments section. No upvote required, but highly appreciated by everyone, as I'm using the earnings of my giveaway posts to constantly add more appealing prizes on the wheel.

Current prizes to be won from the wheel:

  • a rare R138 GameBoy Ali artist card
  • 2500 STARBITS
  • 1000 STARBITS
  • a common i49 Djembe instrument card
  • a common 55 Molly artist card
  • a common t5 Cheap Car transport card
  • a common 13 Buster artist card
  • 500 STARBITS
  • a common i50 Star 30 instrument card

Total value of the rewards on the wheel: $1.83.
Winners for the next giveaway: one player.


Personal Goal: By end-of-January, rise the value of prizes on the wheel to $15.

If you are new to Rising Stars, use your HIVE account and play it for free. Win STARBITS, buy and win NFTs, and build your own amazing collection.

Update: This giveaway is concluded. Please check a newer episode.

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