Rising Star Tutorials: Growing Skill Base

Greetings everyone!

I'm staring to write short Rising Star tutorials, which will hopefully help more beginners getting speed with their P2E gaming. All my tutorials are based on personal experiments, and should be easy to repeat. If any questions or doubts, just leave a comment, and I'm happy to make additional research when needed.

The first tutorial is coming to explain importance of your Total Skill and how to increase it.

Importance of Total Skill in Rising Star:

Your in game amount of Skill points has a major influence on your earnings from the Rising Star missions. Whenever you finish a mission, your Ego is increased depending on how many times you repeated the mission in that day. This ego is permanent, and always adds up. Adding it to the ego coming from having a growing number of Fans, sooner or later it becomes a problem. When your Ego is greater than the Total Skill, it turns into a penalty affecting the income from your missions:


Increasing Your Music Skill:

To reduce the income penalty coming from an constantly increasing Ego, we have to increase our Total Skill. This can be done through either adding more People cards to your collection, or by taking Musing Lessons.

Increasing the number of People cards is cool, but it is expensive. Also, special care have to be taken, as some of these cards will increase also your number of Fans, so the effect might be the opposite one:


Increasing your Skill by going for Music Lessons is free and effective. Of course, as with any other mission, it takes energy, but this is a regenerable resource:


Special Hint:

The number of Skill points earned after each Music Lessons is influenced by how many Instruments of a specific class you have in your collection. These cards are usually cheap, and I recommend you to have a look on the market for your preferred Instruments.

Personally I was constantly investing in cards from the Guitar class, and this is what I could get today in exchange of 2040 STARBITS:


The extra Guitar cards were just enough to increase the efficiency of my Guitar Lesson by one Skill point:


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