Splinterlands: Target Achievement for Stacked SPS

Greetings, everyone!

Back in December 2021, I set myself the target for this year to stack at minimum of 50k SPS. My initial plan was to stop at this level, and sell the extra SPS from the airdrop and use the liquidity to invest in other projects.

Plans changed, mainly because of the decrease of SPS price and impressive upcoming plans from Splinterlands. Therefore, I decided to not stop at 50k Staked SPS, but to run for 75k SPS which was what I estimated to be my upper limit.

And here we are... mission accomplished, three days before the Airdrop ends.


Me so proud and happy! How about you?

The 36.51% APR for Staked SPS comes as a nice surprise. I did not expected it to hold so high, but it looks that about half of the available SPS are maintained in a liquid form.

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