Add some ADA to my portfolio


bandicam 20210406 203832173.jpg
Those who follow me and read my posts know very well that I am a big supporter of @leofinance and @hive and these are the main currencies I have in my digital wallet. I do not want to sell them and at every opportunity I try to get even more.
But apart from these, I have in mind to acquire some other cryptocurrencies that do a very good job behind them with very valuable people and I believe with a bright future.
One of the things I wanted to get for a long time and then postponed is Cardano (ADA).
I wanted to get this particular coin when its price was still at $ 0.40 but due to some circumstances I could not.
So now its price is around $ 1.20 which I believe has not yet reached the high levels it can reach.
bandicam 20210406 201916021.jpg
So today with the help of @cubfinance and the choice of trade I was able to get my first 135 ADA.
If its price does not rise dramatically in the coming days, I believe I will be able to get even more.
Unfortunately, in order to make this purchase, I have to leave 190 precious leos, but I will be able to collect them again, I hope soon.

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