My earnings from Vechain invest


Hi my friends lions

as the market continues to be at bull run and the most cryptocurrencies are on the rise is a great opportunity to invest in some of them and take advantage of the situation and make a profit .
Bitcoin hits 50000$ and is unquestionably the king of cryptocurrencies and leads the rest.
Also a very good course from yesterday marked the hive that reached up to 0.4 $
Personally I think I have made quite a good investment in this bull run and one of them is the purchase I made a week ago.
I bought 3100 Vechain at the price of 0.029$ with total invest 92$.

After one week ,if i sell my coins ,i will have a profit of 100$ because the price is rise at 0.049$ per Vechain .
Because i believe a lot to that coin I'm not willing to sell and I hope to be able to raise them at the near future.


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