Stick Up Music Educational Content - Crypto 101 - What is a pre-mine?

Stick Up Music Educational Content - Crypto 101 - What is a pre-mine?

When we were asked to do some jingles for the CTT podcast by @theycallmedan and @starkerz, we have to admit that we didn't really understand all things asked. We wouldn't be the @stickupboys if we'd give up here, we get things done instead! So what did we do? We asked them if we could do an interview with them to ask them these questions and then use this for educational content as crypto can be a crazy ride and steep learning curve for newbies.

We love helping out and guiding new people on Hive, and here's where a new idea was born to help others on their Hive journey. We have learned a lot from both guys and love to spread the word. We hope you find the first video of this series useful.

"What's a pre-mine?" is the first question asked. Check out the video and please let us know if you have any other burning questions for future content.

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