Little wonder why we are so apt to go into depression, sadness or worry and confusion
Our minds waver and toss like the bellows of the sea and our thoughts drift round the globe and back. Here is what helps and here is what I've learnt...

God has put a certain desire in man,a longing a yearning for something more. Economics call the term, "insatiable"
We always tend to want more. You get that house you always wanted want something else. You get that girl you have been chasing for so long, you want some other random chick afterwards. Some people turn to pleasure alcohol sex porn. Some others video games movies outings with friends a fav meal a spa treat. Some others can't stop working, the workaholics.
We see that these might just satisfy momentarily and yet again we yearn for more.

Let's go back to the beginning. Not the Big bang theory but the Genesis. Did you notice how God after forming man, gave him His breath. This is what
him a living soul. Living life in purpose is satisfying your soul. It is understanding that the inspiration and expiration cycle is dependent on a source of breath from God himself hence satisfying your body would always leave you empty again. Start feeding your mind, will and emotions. Start growing in your soul and living in connection with your true source. Your mind becomes a faculty of inventions the world is yet to see, your thoughts are occupied with the creative ability to put in you and not thoughts of depression. Your will becomes a function of higher calling because you are divinely aligned. Your emotions in check because the love of the father propels your actions. You can't cheat, hurt your neighbour, steal or be involved in political standards

After making man a living soul, he put man in Eden, a place of plenty, a place of happiness and comfort. That's what walking in purpose gives. It is unmeasurable and not for the moment a true good pleasure with no withdrawal effects or need for renewal.
Stay with me, it's salient to mention that apart from man becoming a living soul, there was a heater calling of being a life giving spirit. This is the climax. It is funny how none of these have to do with the body or it's desires. .
The act of giving life to all who come in contact with you. The next time you are wondering or thinking about how useless worthless or hopeless you are and try to jump off a bridge or slice your wrist. Sweet heart remember you are a life giving spirit, not a life taking one. Whatever field you are or circumstances you face. Whoever you meet, whatever you say, live life and give life.
Suicide is a waste
Depression is just not on board
Shane has nothing on you, even Solomon in his wisdom explained that there is nothing new under the sun, people have gone through worse and overcome. Don't bend your head, your crown will fall.
Heartbreaks or sickness or poverty is not purpose, it wasn't breathed into you. You were given life to give life. Make all around you bloom, start it from your mind, will and live it in your actions and speak it in your words.