HOME RENOVATION: Exciting news, we are almost there!

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We got some very exciting news from our builder today, he has advised us that practical completion for our home renovation project is scheduled for Friday, 30 September 2022. I personally think he is being very optimistic as there is a fair bit of finishing work to still occur with only five build days left until the 30th.

Even if he does not hit the exact date of the 30th, the fact is we are very close to finally moving back into our newly renovated home. The entire extension and renovation has taken us two years, when it was meant to be a five month build. During this build we had our first builder go into liquidation, followed by a six month process to be appointed another builder, followed by another six month wait for our frames and trusses to arrive so that the new builder could restart the construction. All the while we experienced the global pandemic that was COVID-19, a once in a hundred year torrential rain event, living with in laws for 15 months, living in a caravan for 4 months and now living in a shed.

I share this with you all not in search of sympathy or pity, but instead as words of encouragement. During this process we have realised that no matter what hardships we experience or difficulties we go through in life, if we kept our eyes on our goals and dreams, supported each other in love and persevered no matter how hopeless the tasks seemed that we would achieve what we set out to achieve.

It was a horrendous journey that I would never wish on another person, but it was our journey and we are about to complete this stage of the journey, which will allow us to thrive in the next stage of our journey in a beautiful dream home.

A year ago, I wanted to document the entire process for you all, so you could follow us on our journey. Unfortunately, the challenges of the build and the difficulty of our living situation made that task very difficult to achieve. That being said, I have taken many photos during the building process, so I still plan to take you on a more in depth journey, sharing key moments and stories from the build.

My wife and I were at the house this evening, walking around and looking at the progress. At one point we took a moment to reflect on how far we have come and how close we are to completing our dream home. It was a very emotional and joyous moment for both of us. We set out on this journey to build our dream, forever home, but there were so many moments when we just did not believe we would actually get there. There were times where we wanted to give up as the emotional strain and personal stress was just so high and almost unbearable.

We are here now, we are about to be blessed with a wonderful home for our family. We are so thankful and grateful to be at this point. This has been an extremely humbling experience and we have both learn some very valuable life lessons along the way. We have both strengthened as individuals and grown stronger as couple, although there were some moments in the journey that almost broke us as individuals and as a couple.

Thank you for listening. I am so thankful for this wonderful platform, it has been a wonderful outlet for me to share my thoughts, channel my frustrations and distract myself in difficult moments. In our new home I am so very excited for my new office and I plan to do some serious writing and epic posts in the future. Until then, keep HIVING!









Post authored by @strenue
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