Challenges: What's The Purpose?


The 30 Day Content Challenge.png

In my opinion the whole purpose is to build structure in what you believe in. And it helps you to form daily habits to help you build a strong business. Having a online business takes a lot of work, time, education, and patience. Especially if you don't have a large amount of fiat to bring to the table.

Well all sorts of educational materials here in #ctptalk and on #hive, and there are so many that shares many tips. There's so much to learn and the great thing about it is you can earn while doing so.

You must take the time and put in the work, and over allyou must have patience. It takes time to get to know others and build your own following. you have to learn consistency and showing up daily.

What makes me write this post is that although I do show up daily and put in as much time and work as I can, I still fail to be consistent enough. consistency is the tricky part. When I review my posts and see that I may have a post for 2 or 3 days straight and the there's a break in what I do daily. Sometimes I break the consistency by doing a post too soon and instead of my post lining up as daily work, I end up with 2 post in the same day.

So in light of that consistency also seems to mean that my posts needs to be very close to the same time everyday. This is hard for me because my days are never the same and I need to write when it hits me since I don't always know what to write.

Somehow though I will figure it out and complete this challenge on time.

Charletta Allen a.k.a. SuccessChar