HiveBloPoMo | Can't Always Follow The Plan - A Rant

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The Plan

The plan was to follow the calendar given, but when it doesn't line up with your life, you just can't follow the plan.

Today we're supposed to share photos from a walk. Well, today was not a day for me to take a walk. Like so many days prior to today life has had many ups & downs. I've been trying to work this challenge as I have in the past, but it's just not working. Not only have I've missed days already but yesterday, I completed my post but forgot to publish it. I try to do my posts earlier in the day, but that isn't working out either. What a Life I'm having right now.

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Thanks for Listening!!

See Ya tomorrow!!

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I understand what you're feeling here! My life does NOT lend itself well to a challenge that requires my giving it time, every day.

But maybe that's just part of the challenge...