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I have sacrificed everything I can to build & stick to my plan. However, it still needs work. I'm not a vlogger so the video seen just ain't me. It's not that I'm uncofortable with it anymore, I just don't care for videos that much, I don't even like to watch them. When I really want the informatio and that's the only way to get, I'll watch, but that's about it. I may have to incorporate videos into my plan though, that would give me another post for the week and I don't have to write too much cause it's in the video. I need to give 3speak anither shot too. So anyways.....

Onto My Progress.....

Here you will see that I'm almost there & pretty much on top of things but somehow I just can't seem to get that added value in everyday.

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Learn Something New

Still learning about tokens, that never stops. I haven't been reading my book lately cause I just don't have the time. For me it's either read the computer or read my tablet. Either way my eyes only allow so much (not an excuse) and they get tired easily & I have to spend as much time away from the computer as I do at the computer. Some days they work longer which allows for extra, and other days I'm lucky to get 2 or 3 articles in.
I've also been learning some non-hive, non-crypto stuff too, you know like with family & life.

Be Seen
Being seen? Videos would help. I am always seen through commenting , I try to return comments on my notifications daily and alot of times I'm in discord but not always seen cause I don't say anything. All-in-All, I know I am out there everyday making myself known & being seen in some kind of way.

Add Value

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This is the big one, somtimes it's hard to add value, as you see from my chart I missed on day as usual. It's good if you can add value everyday but I feel as though it's okay if you miss a day or two. But then again 'what is value?' What's of value to me, may not be of value to you. So, in light of that I believe I'm doing pretty good in this department.


With 9 days left to go, I was thinking about just stoping the plan but after really looking at the way things have been going, it's really not that bad. I think what I need is a schedule of to do's. Like set days to perform certain posts and may even one day where I do nothing but comment & curate posts. I think this will be a better plan for me. We'll see where I'm at & where this goes when I'm done my 30 days.

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Thanks for Reading & following 'The Plan'!!
See Ya next post!!

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Keep following the plan, believe me it works but it does take time. Thanks for sharing.


I'm not giving up. It's just that when you put it on paper like this you see where you left something out. But some days you just don't have something to give.