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Trying to stick to the plan is what's going on here. Somehow when you're on a 30 day plan you have to work a little harder on completing your daily tasks. you must jump through hoops, master the hurdles & let nothing stop you. That's so much easier said than done.
This is not the time for a day off.
I rarely take a day off anyway, A day off for me just happens. Although I like to call this my job, it's not really but it's what I like to do with my time. I'm in early retirement and instead of going to a 9-5 I get up when I want, I work when I want & I do this every day of the week. When I'm around others, they like to tell me I need to get out more. But what's out there really?
Even when I'm out I have gone to a corner to catch a webinar on my phone. I love what I do and I don't think of it as work.

Onto My Progress.....

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Learn Something New

I spent most of my time over these past few days researching & reading up on the income tokens on my radar. I've learned how multiple tokens feed off other tokens. Like HUSTLER, COM & LIST, Hustler drips COM which drips List which mines COM. You can read more about it here.

Be Seen

As for being seen I've been in discord, Telegram, and the usual commenting & curating.

Add Value

I did okay here but find that this doesn't seem to happen every day. It may happen through some of my comments but I probably need to track this and see. I had a day where I believe that I didn't basically because of how that dau went.


Life Happens, Work Happens......
This is the way it just is. Althhough I know that I work everyday, and life happens everyday, Some days are more than others. What I don't know is just how much life is affecting thingsto prevent me from completing the tasks in my daily plan. In light of that I will try to track my progress in adifferent way to see if I can get an answer to this problem.

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