Mining/Income Tokens -Part I - The Best Investment Ever


There's nothing better than earning a little more just for holding a little of something else. That's what happens when you hold mining & income tokens. These tokens are two different types of tokens but the end result is the similar.

The main difference between the two are that with income tokens once you have some they reward you with various other tokens daily. And a mining token usually rewards you with more of their native token but there are some that rewards you with another token.

Lets look at a couple of mining tokens.....

CTPM - When you hold #CTPM they issue you their native token CTP on a daily basis. The rewards are sent to you at least once a day but some days you receive mining rewards 3-4 times or more in a day. The More CTPM you stake the more @CTP you are rewarded. Check out CTP here

HustlerM - From @HiveHustlers Now this miner is a little different because not only do I receive their native token for holding it but I also receive what is called a hive commerce token (COM) for holding @HustlerM. But one of the features of this miner is you receive the Hive commerce token which is also an income token. I will talk more about COM in my next post on income tokens but check out @hustlerM here.

Now let's take a look at some income tokens....

HE Index token - this token was developed by @jongolson & @blainjones of @ClickTrackProfit (CTP). This just one of the many advantages of being a part of the Click Track Profit community. CTP has so much to offer and developing the @HE-Index token was awesome as it helps anyone holding these tokens to help build their crypto portfolio. They started out rewarding holders daily with 10 various tokens which has now grown to 18 tokens and there's more to come. You can read all about The HE-Index tokeh here.

Brocoin issued by @raymondspeaks. This is the income token from the @brofund and holders receive 50% of the daily curation rewards in a multitude of tokens. I know I receive daily rewards in 10 other tokens from the @brofund. You can check out all about Brofi and some of Brofi partners and what's going on here.

Dhedge issued by @taskmanager and if you hold any of these tokens this can blow your portfolio up. I know I woke up one day and when I went to my hive wallet on @Peakd my list of tokens had doubled thanks to the @dhedge-drips, and I must say some of them I never heard of but now there growing right nicely. However this @dhedge-drips 32 various tokens into my account on a daily basis like clockwork. Read more about Dhedge here.

One of the things about holding these tokens and receiving the others from them is that some of them rewards/drips some of the same tokens so you're growing those tokens in several ways.

**Disclaimer** - Understand that the following statement is of my own thoughts and is not financial advice.....

I love these income and mining tokens and think anyone who holds crypto for the future should invest in these tokens to help grow their portfolio, Holding these tokens gives you additional token investment that you may not otherwise buy or earn and you never know which of these tokens can be the next 'Bitcoin'.

Thanks for reading and see ya next time!