My Hive Goals | A Pretty Good Week!


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A pretty good week inspite of all the things I've been going through. Things are looking up and I'm ready for the coming week. I'm looking to increase my activity, even with my slow computer which slows me down, but it will be working overtime for this week at least. I feel good about all my progress here on hive & with my goals.

Let's take a look at this week .......

Hive power is looking good this week, right about my usual norm. CTP is going good, and even though it's not up very much, I know I'll be very close to my goal if not over by years end. SPT, SPS, & 1UP is still slowly increasing with a little each week. I was able to get just a few WORKERBEE this week but know that I will be able to give that a nice bump in the comming weeks. And last but least ListNerds is looking pretty good this week.

2000 Hive Power

Screenshot 8529.png

HIVE Power 9 28 2.png

5 Hive Rewards A Day

Screenshot 8530.png

50,000 CTP Power

CTP Power  9 28 2.png

1000 OneUp

Screenshot 8528.png


1000 SPS

Screenshot 8531.png

10,000 SPT

SPT  Power 9 28 2.png


WorkerBee 9 28 2.png

25000 Listnerds

ListNerds 9 28 2.png

That's it for this week.....

Thanks for reading!!

See Ya next week!!

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Here is a short list of some of my other works here, .......

You can always visit my profile on PeakD & check them all out.

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The Plan shows you vital steps to take you, your brand & your business to the next level.

Blogging My Way | My Proudest Moment Blogging My Way is a blog based on a 5 part, 30 day challenge that caught my interest. My plan is to write a post once a week while following the outline & topics written for the 30 day challenges that was originally in the 'Blogging Challenge Community' which no longer exist, but as with anything on the blockchain it's still there & will always be. This is especially good for someone who is new to blogging/Hive & just don't know where to start or what to blog about.

Saturday Saver Club Come along as I build a savings here on hive with @susie-saver. This is like an extension of my Hive goals.

#ThriveOnHive This is a challenge that helps you build your Hive power along with helping your engagement & other tasks to get the most out of Hive.

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Looks luke another good week. Thats quite a stack of CTP - doing great there ! Best of luck and keep on stacking !

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Yes my ultimate goal is about 500,000 CTP maybe even 1Mil, but for the year I just want to make it to 50,000 between the two platforms. Stacking is keyy & all I plan to do for about another 2 to 3 yrs.