November 1st 2021 ....... Hive Power Up Day


Screenshot 3308.png

Today is that time of month again to power up and earn your power up 'Bee' badge for the month!

I have been participating in #HivePUD for year now and have had the opportunity to get larger Bee badges sometimes and unfortunately had times where I earned none because I could power up at least 10 Hive or for some reason or another just missed that day all together.

Screenshot 3309.png

This pic is from #Hivebuzz and shows where I earned a bigger Bee because I was able to power up 50 or more hive. As you can see I got this badge 5 times out of 13. I even managed to get a 'Helper Bee' badge where I powered up 10 hive for a fellow Hivian who was faily new to the hive and could use a helping hand.

I love when I can help others!

See y'all next Power Up Day!!